10 Path of Exile Best Beginner Synthesis League Builds

March 8, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
10 Best Synthesis 3.6 Beginner Builds Path of Exile PoE HC SC SSF Viable Low Medium High Budget Build Guides

The Path of Exile 3.6 Synthesis League is right around the corner. Synthesis brings a lot of new and interesting mechanics to the game, as well as new gems and nerfs/buffs to the existing ones. As you're just starting out in the Synthesis League it's gonna be really tough, so you should pick between strong, budget and beginner friendly starter builds for the Path of Exile Synthesis 3.6 league, especially if you want to race the ladders.

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The information in this article applies to Path of Exile on PC, Xbox and PS4.

[3.6] Ancestral Warchief Totem | Uber Lab Farmer | Elder & Shaper Viable Beginner Friendly Build

The Ancestral Warchief Totems are absolute beasts, they do crazy amounts of damage (both single target and AoE) while being extremely safe because you just pop the Ancestral Warchief Totem and run around until everything dies (usually pretty fast). The build itself does high damage even without fancy Uniques but it is always open to high cost upgrades! This build is one of the best beginner builds for Synthesis League because it can steamroll content with just a good weapon, it is SSF, HC, SC viable and has a low budget.

[3.6] Incinerate Elementalist Spell Caster For Beginners

Incinerate Elementalist builds are quite strong because you can leech while channeling Incinerate and apply Ignite which goes in favor for the Immolate Support. Along with that, with the launch of Synthesis, Incinerate is back in the meta due to a recent buff. This build is very fun to play but also requires good positioning. Overall a great softcore build, but it can also be played on hardcore with some modifications in order to get more survivability and defenses. This build is HC and SC viable and has a medium budget.

[3.6] Elemental Hit Bow Scion Uber Elder, Atziri And Shaper Viable

The Ignite Elemental Hit build is a very viable Sythesis league beginner's build as this build’s core items are not expensive, 20 Chaos can get you going and after that anything else is just an upgrade. This build features high clear speed, decent single target damage and many skill tree variations you can pick to suit your play-style, such as going Acrobatics/MoM/Blood Magic and even changing to different characters and ascendancies. This build requires some jewels to be found/bought therefore it’s not good for SSF but it is HC, SC viable and has a low budget.

[3.6] Quad Frostbolt Totems Hierophant - Strong League Starter Build

The Frostbolt Totems build is an alright build to start with, it provides you with high survivability and decent clear speed at the cost of single target damage. It is not recommended to do this build if you intend to farm end game bosses, that said, all the other content should be relatively easy even in just Rare Items. The goal of this build is to get a 6L Staff, but it is not mandatory. This build is SSF, HC, SC viable and has a low budget.

[3.6] Flameblast Elementalist Witch Shaper On A Budget Cheap Caster Starter Build

Flameblast has always been an excellent league starter skill especially for SSF (solo self-found) racers because you get it pretty early in the game and it’s one of the strongest Fire spells out there. This build has decent survivability considering its high damage and great clear speed. This build is SSF, HC, SC viable and has a low budget.

[3.6 Video Guide] Essence Drain & Contagion Trickster [HC/SC/Uber Izaro/Uber Atziri/Shaper]

This build the highest exp/h gain if you’re looking to grind in order to reach the highest possible level more quickly to 100. The build itself works awesome because ED & Contagion don’t need additional damage from items early on, meaning that this build can start on an extremely low budget and be upgraded to one of the most expensive builds out there which at that point, can even kill Atziri. MoM, 2 curses and 200% Life from the tree make this build insanely tanky, therefore this build is SSF, HC, SC viable and has a low to high budget.

[3.6] ARC/LIGHTNING SPIRE TRAPS Saboteur Build (3-4 MILLION DPS, Uber Elder/Atziri)

Arc Trappers have become really popular as PoE league starter builds as they require literally no items and investment to reach maps (even with the recent Arc nerf-- if you're worried about that, just swap to LS), they are a favorite among Streamers and Racers due to the fact it’s a really simple build yet effective. Traps work well on a budget, offer reflect negation, the clear speed is nice and overall single target damage is not too bad either. This build is end-game viable and has a high life regeneration percentage but lacks health and overall defenses which makes it not so good for HC unless you alter your gear and Passive Skill Tree to have more life. This build is SSF, SC viable and has a low budget.

[3.6] Jugg Molten Strike Melee - Hold right click to TANK anything | MELT the Atlas

This Juggernaut Molten Strike build has defenses while maintaining crazy amounts of DPS. It can burst down Uber-Elder and farm really any content in the game (including Atziri). The build can achieve 9k HP, 80% Max Resists and 1.7m DPS which results in very fast clear speed and farming of Uber Lab easily. Endgame gear can be quite expensive for this build, but the guide has an option for ‘League Starters’ where you can find every substitute for the Unique item you might be missing. This build is definitely SSF, HC, SC viable and has a low to high budget.

[3.6] Fast Storm Brand + Leveling Guide | League Starter | HC/SC Caster

Storm Brand has been introduced in the last PoE league and it was very impressive. The skill works on a budget, basically auto-aims for you which means that you can kite enemies while the brand kills them. Many people are running Storm Brand as their beginner build for Synthesis because it really is one of the easiest skills to use whilst maintaining a good ratio of damage, survivability and clear speed. This build is Synthesis SSF, HC, SC viable and it has a low budget which can of course be upgraded a lot.

[3.6] Tectonic Slam Juggernaut All Content Viable Tank Beginner Melee Build

Tectonic Slam builds are still great because of their simplicity, moderate damage and great defenses. The main reason that makes new PoE players quit is the fact that they keep dying before they even reach maps and as a Juggernaut, you won't be dying any time soon. This build has high versatility and the Tectonic Slam Juggernaut does not depend on any Unique Items to perform well, although they will boost your DPS by a lot. This build is SSF, HC, SC viable and has a low budget, it also works great as a Uber Lab Farmer.

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We hope you found out list of the best Path of Exile (PoE) Synthesis 3.6 Beginner Builds helpful in your venture through the world of Wraiclast and good luck exile!

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