3 Best Path of Exile Magic Finder (MF) Builds

September 18, 2020
by GamerDiscovery
Best Path of Exile Heist Magic Find Builds MF PoE 3.12 Fastest Currency Magic Farming Characters

Magic Find (MF) builds have always been a very popular choice among Path of Exile players that like to map a lot and therefore maximize their currency gain per hour. Any amount of Magic Find (Increased rarity/quantity of items dropped) is just a more multiplier to how much loot you get from monsters which usually means you'll be accumulating high amounts of currency really fast. If you run 100+ maps per day, you may want to start looking into going MF as it will increase the amount of items and currency that drop by a lot. You can generate anywhere from 3-10 exalts of pure currency drops per day if you use a strong, fast Magic Find build that can farm content efficiently. In this article we'll be showcasing the 3 Best Path of Exile 3.12 Heist PoE Magic Finder MF Builds, along with a proper build guide linked to each of the 3.12 MF build.

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The information in this article applies to Path of Exile on PC, Xbox and PS4.

Kinetic Blast Deadeye Fast Mapper Wander Money Farmer Build

The KB Mf build is a very popular Magic Find build choice as well because it's very cheap to start, you can farm currency on a 4l with a white wand. This PoE Heist currency farmer build is fast and strong which means you'll be flying through content and Kinetic Blast has insane off-screen potential so it's a safe build to play if you've got enough DPS to clear mobs efficiently. This KB Magic Find build relies on Evasion and Dodge as it's defensive mechanics which means you'll rarely get hit more than a few times in a row, lowering the potential of a random death.
The build itself can be upgraded to be extremely high budget and it purely depends on how high tier content you intend to farm. Some people even min-max their KB build to the point that they can clear Blood Aquaducts (ACT 9) in under 1 minute. This is actually a very legit way of acquiring insane amounts of currency in short amounts of time. With a properly optimized KB BA farmer you can get around 1 Ex worth of drops and currency per hour-- but you'll have to be extremely fast!

190% Quantity Magic Finder MF Windripper Raider Build-- Currency Farmer

The first MF build on the list is the classic Windripper Ranger currency farmer build. This build can get lots of life, damage and movement speed whilst maintaining a solid amount of Increased Rarity and Quantity of items found. The basic idea of a Magic Find bow build is to either play solo or in a group with an aurabot which will scale your damage by a lot. MF Windripper chars are often a great choice if you plan on doing normal Volcano or even shaped Volcano maps. This strategy is great because Volcano maps drop Kaom divination cards quite often, which are usually worth around 20-40 chaos a piece. On top of that, the density in Volcano maps is also awesome, which becomes great for bow builds. This currency farmer build can be played on a budget, although it performs much better once you are able to invest quite a bit into it. Great for Softcore leagues but on HC it might be sketchy because you really shouldn't take this build past T6 maps on HC.

Vaal Spark Pathfinder Magic Find Build Low Budget Hardcore Viable

Spark has been the best skill for MF since it was buffed a few leagues back. Due to how broken it was, GGG nerfed it but you're in luck because they buffed it again in 3.6! Spark is now one of the best builds for fast currency farming because of the sheer amount of clear speed you can achieve with this mf build. This Spark MF build relies on the "Vaal" version of the skill, which gains charges once you kill enemies and once you cast the Vaal Spark it continues casting a lot of Sparks all around you for a limited amount of time. If you're fast enough and have good damage, you'll be able to run around fast, shattering and killing monsters which will fill up your Vaal Spark really quick and you'll have it available all the time. This build features INSANE clear speed and it's cheap to start out with, you can even make it your league starter. Also, a thing to note is that because this build clears content so damn fast, make sure to level up any popular skills in your empty gear slots because you can efficiently level a set of gems to 20 in like one day which will provide you with even more currency gain. There are many variants of MF Vaal Sparkers and the most common ones are CI/Low Life but those are quite expensive, whilst the linked one is Life based which is beginner friendly and has almost 180% Increased Life which makes it Heist HC friendly for orb farming!

We hope you found out list of the 3 Best Path Of Exile Magic Finder Character Heist PoE 3.12 Builds helpful with your goal of farming currency and becoming rich!

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