All-Star Troopers Guide

All-Star Troopers is a new action-packed strategy builder that takes place in space. Your goal is to defeat the evil Wolf Empire in the campaign mode and ranking up in the very fun multiplayer mode.


The All-Star campaign mode has a lot for you to explore. With 100 unique levels that guarantee any casual player a fun time. These campaign missions will reward you with a lot of Trooper Cards, Iron and Coins which will allow you to become stronger in case you are losing a lot in the multiplayer mode. Every once in a while you will have to defeat a boss encounter in these operations, but don’t worry! The rewards are well worth it!


The multiplayer mode is scattered around 6 carefully designed Arenas that scale with the amount of trophies you acquire in this mode. Do note that the main goal is to reach the highest Arena in order to be able to unlock a wider variety of Cards from the Crates you open. Every map has set length, time limit and amount of walls that will allow you to make your base the enemies’ worst nightmare. The best and fastest way to rank up is obviously to play a lot and test certain Trooper Squad Decks in order to find out what their best synergy is.

The Championship sets place in every Arena once a week. In order to get the best rewards you must acquire trophies by winning multiplayer fights in the set Arena.


The Homeship is the first part of your defense system. It houses 7 different buildings that will help you make your base into an impenetrable fortress. The ones you will acquire early are: Core, Armory and Camp. By upgrading the Core you will be able to make both your minions and turrets higher level which will result in easier crushing of your opponents!


The Base is the second part of your defense system. Whenever an enemy decides to attack you they will have to go through your uniquely designed Base layout. At the Base always remember to set the maximum amount of Turrets that you can, and position them carefully so that you maximize their efficiency. Best Turret setup for low levels is with cannons, boom dome and mortars.

Trooper Squad

Your Trooper Squad can have a total of 3 Cards that feature a certain Hero. Currently there is a total of 27 Trooper Cards in the game. These Heroes are sorted between Type (Offense, Support, Tank) and Rarity. The best starter Deck is with Beetlu, Bearzukov and Shamaya because they are a well rounded team that does well against really anything your opponent can offer, if you keep them upgraded that is. Stay tuned in case you are interested in the names and stats of all Trooper Cards.


All-Star Troopers will reward you with different Crates every time you win a Multiplayer fight. There are a few types of Crates: Free Crate, Sponsor Crate, Arena Crates, Giant Crate, Nova Crate and Supernova Crate. All these Crates will give you random Trooper Cards, Coins and Iron whenever you open them.

Tips and Tricks

  • Upgrade your strongest Trooper Heroes.
  • Keep your Core, Camp and Armory always at max level.
  • Whenever you play the game remember to set a Crate to open.
  • Do Quests, Championship, Operations and Story Campaign to become stronger.
  • Claim the Free Crate and Sponsor Crates when you can.
  • Test your defenses to make sure your Base is not easy to destroy!


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