Anno 1800 Disasters And Disease Outbreaks Guide

April 19, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
Anno 1800 Disasters Fire Riot Disease Sickness How To Deal With Them Fast And Easy

There are several types of disasters that can occur in Anno 1800. These can occur randomly, but you can do several things to minimize the risk of a disaster happening. In this short Disease And Disaster Outbreaks Guide For Anno 1800 we'll teach you how to deal with the various issues you will most definitely encounter during your Anno 1800 playthrough.

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Fires and how to deal with them

The first Anno 1800 disaster (and most common one) is a fire. Fires have an increased chance to occur within high building density and you can minimize the risk with a fire station. As long as the fire station is within range, the fire brigade will make its way to the fire to automatically put it out. If your city's population is happy, you can mobilize additional firefighters to help put the fire out quicker by clicking on the station and clicking mobilize. If the fire burns for long enough before it gets put out it could leave ruins in its wake, so you'll have to rebuild what was there.

Anno 1800 Disasters Fire Riot Disease Sickness How To Deal With Them Fast And Easy Station

Population Riots

The next one is a riot. A Riot occurs when the population is unhappy for a long time. Riots, much like a fire can be minimized by having a police station in range. If the station is in range, the police will calm the ride down by going door to door and house to house. If it's bad enough it may spread faster than your police can actually calm it down so that can lead to fires and burned buildings. A handy tip for getting happier people quickly is to lower those work conditions for certain resources in our other Anno 1800 guides.

Disease outbreaks and sickness

The last outbreak is a disease. Again, like the other disasters, you’ll need a certain building to help with the illnesses that have infected your people and that is the hospital. You need a hospital nearby and if your city is happy you can provide additional doctors to help the sick but with sickness ships can actually take on the disease and spread it to other islands so you'll need to stop your trade routes until you can contain the sickness or at least just off the boats that you know are already infected.

We hope that you've found our Disease And Disaster Outbreaks Guide For Anno 1800 useful, if you have, don't forget to share it around and leave a comment if you have a question.
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