Anno 1800 Houses, Population Needs and Tier Advancement Guide

April 19, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
Anno 1800 Houses Population Needs Happiness Tier Advancement Guide Tips And Tricks

When you find yourself playing Anno 1800 for the first time, the building you're probably going to build first are Houses. Having a stable population that has good Needs and Happiness is crucial as it will allow your settlers to advance into next tiers and ultimately, reach the end-game of Anno 1800. In this Tier Advancing, Houses and Needs Anno 1800 Guide we'll teach you how to make your people Happy and advance into the next tier.

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Before you can start producing a resource you need the population to do so. Once you’ve built some houses, the first thing that is essential to your city is a market place. A market place is a sort of central hub of your small village. All markets need a road connection and harbor houses need a road connection to the market to begin to grow as that's where citizens get their goods. A house that's within 35 tiles of a market will have their market demand fully met. Always build a market with at least 35 tiles of space around it from all sides-- so don't put it next to a coast or next to a cliff as you'll just be wasting space. A handy tip when building anything is to use the blueprint mode toggle setting that allows you to place things down and see their reach without committing to the cost of it. When you're happy with where it is, you then just upgrade from a blueprint into a building and you can do this by clicking on it and then clicking the little arrow or by using the upgrade tool.

Anno 1800 Houses Population Needs Happiness Tier Advancement Guide Tips And Tricks Farmers


Ideally, you'll want to place your mark in and put a few houses around it, when these are all built you'll notice when clicking a farmer house how strong that supply is. If you built inside those 35 tiles, you'll be at 100% supply to the market and your farmers will start filling the house. In the case you built a bit too far away they'll only partially meet that demand and only partially grow so there's a few important things here as all houses have needs and Happiness. Needs are fulfilled by basic goods and happiness is fulfilled by luxury goods. The more needs that are fulfilled the higher the population will grow in that residence and the more happiness that's fulfilled the more income you make offer the people in the residence.

Advancing to other levels

For a house to advance to the next level of population class they need to have their basic needs met and have grown to a full population already, in that residence. Only then can you advance to the next tier. For farmers, at the beginning they just need a market close by, fish and clothing. If you satisfy all of that then your population will hit ten out of ten in the house and they can upgrade to workers. Be careful with this as it means you are removing ten farmers and creating ten workers and the residents will double in size, so it will grow to 20 workers. When you meet all their needs this is going to put more of a strain on what you're already making as more people consume more stuff even within one residence. If you leave your people unhappy for too long they may riot, and we'll cover riots sickness and fires a bit later in another guide.

There are a few requirements that your residences have to meet to be able to advance to the next class tier:

  • residences have to be full
  • all basic needs must be fulfilled
  • enough construction material has to be available

Population Tiers

Old World

Farmers, Workers, Artisans, Engineers and Investors.

New World

Journaleros and Obreros.

We hope that you've found our Tier Advancing, Houses and Needs Anno 1800 Guide useful, if you have, don't forget to share it around and leave a comment if you have a question.
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