Anno 1800 New World Guide

April 19, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
Anno 1800 New World Guide Detailed Strategies Influence Upgrades

The new world behaves just like the old world in terms of gameplay but it's essentially a different biome with two of its own unique population classes. Since the Old and New World are connected, you will most definitely want to know the best New World islands to settle on, influence upgrades and much more. In this New World Guide for Anno 1800 we'll teach you everything you need to know in order to have a good start on a fresh New World island and develop a modern civilization of your own.

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Choosing a New World Island

Again, when exploring the islands here be careful to check the fertility and make sure you start with bananas. If bananas are on the island, then you can much more easily grow your colony quickly. Eventually you'll need to use trade routes to send stuff to and from the old world, on long voyages you'll be relying on the unique biomes of both to provide what the other can’t. Ships can take a long time to move between these regions so using the clipper class ship is pretty good as it has a cargo hold of 200 and then you could probably get multiple of them going in rotation until you can start getting cargo ships later on.

Anno 1800 New World Guide Detailed Strategies Influence Upgrades Moving Resources To New World

Influence and Upgrades

As we mentioned in our previous Anno 1800 guides, influence is a sort of static resource that you can invest into certain things. The amount you have is dependent on your population size so as you grow and increase your profile level you get more influence to use. Now, you don't really spend it though, you just invest it as you can always get it back if you remove the thing you used it for. An example is trade unions, those trade union buildings cost 20 influence to build as well as the other materials that go along with the building. That 20 influence goes into the optimization category. With enough investment into that category, by buying or building a lot of trade unions you'll hit a milestone buff that reduces the cost of maintenance for everything. By flipping the cards of the influence section, you can see what is needed, to invest, to get the benefits. Want to increase your attack speed on ships? Then build a lot of military ships and defenses and you'll get it. Want an extra boost of population? Invest in island occupation and shares.

Influence Categories

At the moment there are six Influence upgrade categories: culture – amount of zoo and museum modules, trade – amount of trade ships, military – amount of warships and island’s defences, optimisation – amount of special items buildings, propaganda – allows to influence and manipulate the population and expansion – amount of settled islands and routes to move workforce between islands.

Anno 1800 Influence Categories List

Though, if you decide that you don't want these things anymore just remove or sell all your military ships or remove your trade union buildings or whatever you've already invested in. Just removing them will grant you all the influence back, allowing you to respect into something else. Remember it's tied to your population so ultimately if you find yourself wanting to make more and more military ships or more and more trade unions you just need a bigger population.

We hope that you've found our New World Guide for Anno 1800 useful, if you have, don't forget to share it around and leave a comment if you have a question.
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