Anno 1800 Trade Routes, Items And Expeditions Guide

April 19, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
Anno 1800 Trade Routes Items And Expeditions Guide Tips And Tricks

Anno 1800 is a RTS game that revolves heavily around Trading and Item Expeditions. In this Trade Routes, Items and Expeditions Guide for Anno 1800 we've covered all the different types of trade routes & their pros and cons as well as items and expeditions.

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Trade Routes

In Anno 1800 trading there's two types of trade routes. One is a trade route that is set up completely by you, this type of trade route is very customizable and very powerful since you can determine what ship takes the route, where it stops off, add multiple stops, add multiple ships, choose what to load and unload set rules to wait until the ship is full or not. You can also allow them to toss excess Goods overboard or not and adjust the route by moving points. You can send these routes to the AI to the NPC's or just keep it within your own islands. Island inventories are separate, so you'll need to make use of trade routes to deliver goods to each other in order to grow each Island.

The next trade route type is a charter route. A charter route is run by the AI, and you’ve got to pay a flat upkeep rate and some influence to let the AI take a small ship and move resources from one island to another. They make the ship on their own, it comes in from off the map, so you don't have to build it yourself. The ship can still be attacked and destroyed by enemies so it's really only useful if you just don't have any spare ships of your own to take the route yourself. Its inventory size is also a little bit smaller than a regular schooner trade ship as it can only carry 80 whereas you can normally carry 100.

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Trade routes can be attacked by pirates or hostile AI so it's always good to patrol the trade routes or just straight up escort the trade ships with military vessels. We'll get to combat and formations just a little bit later in our next guide.

Quests, Expeditions and Items

Throughout your playtime you'll come across quests from your own citizens as well as from the NPCs and the AI. Completing these quests can often net you item rewards and benefits. These items typically serve as buffs and have a range of rarities associated with them and there's actually a huge amount of these items in the game.

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They can be placed in a few key buildings or on ships. When you earn an item on a ship you can then take it to your Harbor and transfer it over and then you can use it in buildings on that island the most notable building that they can be placed in is probably a trade union. These buildings are unlocked at tier two and they take up a 4x4 area. Placing items inside of these buildings provide buffs to everything within the building's radius; they can increase efficiency, reduce costs and even add more fields or slots to a particular building. Another interesting one is the Town Hall, it's just like the trade unions but for people. Instead of production, the Town Hall building is good for providing general buffs to happiness and population classes and squeezing more money out of your population. In general, some of the items and character items can be placed on a ship for expeditions. Expeditions will begin when you reach tier 3 and you need to prepare a ship with various items and resources and then send it off. Afterwards, you’ll go through a series of dilemmas to receive a reward or have it failed. The first expedition will found the new world, but later expeditions give a range of items and benefits. The items and goods will have a category that it belongs to like soap for medicine. Now a thing to note is if during the expedition people fall sick you might be asked to use soap to increase your chances of curing the disease. It's a minor little kind of side game of its own but it can really net you great rewards.

We hope that you've found our Trade Routes, Items and Expeditions Guide for Anno 1800 useful, if you have, don't forget to share it around and leave a comment if you have a question.

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