Anthem Javelin Class Tier List

January 21, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
Anthem Javelin Class Character Exosuit Tier List Best Strongest And Weakest Javelin

Anthem is an online multiplayer RPG that features a total of 5 "Javelins" where each of the Javelin classes represents a vastly different playstyle which includes a huge change in their exosuit ability and weapons kit. In this Anthem Javelin Class Tier List we'll be covering which of the Javelins has the potential to be the strongest and most powerful depending on the content you choose.

Introduction to Javelins

As mentioned previously, Javelins are different characters which you can swap around. It was leaked that the first Javelin you start as will be the most basic "Tutorial Javelin aka Javelin of Dawn", then at levels 2, 8, 16 and 24 you can unlock one of the main Javelins: Colossus, Ranger, Storm and Interceptor.

Colossus Javelin Class

The Colossus Javelin Class is the tank because it lets your character have a whopping amount of 7 health bars which is truly a huge HP pool. It's physical shield gives the Colossus incomparable levels of survivability, everything about the Colossus screams "heavy" because they have really slow movement speed and their air mobility is lacking as the Colossus overheats really quick.
What the Colossus Javelin Class lacks in mobility, it gets back by being ultra defensive. Colossus can completely negate all frontal damage by deploying his massive shield-- even whilst flying!
The Colossus is the only Javelin Class that can carry high weight weapons such as Grenade Launchers, Flamethrowers and Mortars. Having all of these weapon in their arsenal, along with his absolutely destructive Ultimate which shreds through bosses, Colossus is easily one of the strongest and highest damage Javelin Class of Anthem. Colossus is effectively the best beginner Javelin Class for new players and people that are not used to RPG's.

Storm Javelin Class

The Storm Javelin Class is comparable to the usual mage heroes from other RPG's. Storm is able to float in the air and cast devastating spells that can do high damage even from far away. Even though the Storm can use most of the Anthem weapons, it mostly relies on it's high damage spells that are excellent in both providing Crowd Control and boosting the damage dealt.
Storm lacks health which is compensated by having a regenerative shield and being able to fly and dash around in the air, as well as staying far away from the enemies even when dealing damage.
Storm can effectively use Fire, Ice and Lightning elements in order to apply the corresponding status effects to it's enemies. For example, the Ice Shards can freeze the enemies for a set amount of time, allowing you to burst them down without taking any damage.
Even though the Storm Javelin Class lacks movement as it is the second slowest Javelin Class in the game, it can fly for a lot longer than the other Javelins. On top of that, the Storm's ultimate applies and detonates all the three elements whilst dealing a lot of damage.

Ranger Javelin Class

The Ranger Javelin Class has become quite popular recently because of it's versatility and the wide range of skills and weapons the Ranger Javelin can use. Ranger is most definitely the most balanced and all rounder Javelin out there because he has solid crowd control, defenses and damage. The defenses of the Ranger Javelin feature a high amount of HP that is also covered by a protective Shield which is only surpassed by the Colossus Javelin Class. Rangers can fly quite fast and for moderate amounts of time, making Ranger's mobility kit a pretty solid choice, being beat only by the Interceptor.
Furthermore, a Ranger Javelin can specialize itself for either AoE or single target damage as the Ranger's skill arsenal provides a variety of different spells and weapons. For example, if you're fighting bosses you can make a Ranger loadout that specializes in single target damage or if you're fighting groups of mobs then the AoE loadout is much better.
Rangers can also support their teammates by boosting their weapon damage or shielding them with a force field which deflects incoming projectiles.
All things considered, the Ranger is a great choice for any player that's just getting into the game, but once you start moving onto end-game content you'll want to have Javelins that are truly specialized for their role in order to finish the content.

Interceptor Javelin ClassAnthem Javelin Class Character Exosuit Tier List Best Strongest And Weakest Javelin Interceptor

The Interceptor Javelin Class is the assassin type that is very agile, uses very fast attacks and has some huge damage potential. The Interceptor can quickly move from one enemy to another and avoid damage by constantly using your movement skills. Being constantly on the move will provide the Interceptor with Shield Regeneration which is one of the key points of it's survival.
Health Points of the Interceptor are the same as the Ranger's, but a big difference is that you will have to stay Melee for most of your time. Being in melee range, you will also be able to apply AoE type curses to your enemies, which will prove useful in clearing large packs.
The Interceptor Javelin Class relies on it's high mobility in order to survive, which makes this Class really hard to play, especially in end-game content so it may not be optimal for beginners as in most cases the Ranger is overall a much better choice. Though, if you do manage to reach the high skill cap of the Interceptor, he is one of the most rewarding Javelins in the game.


You'll want to tweak your Anthem team composition, loadouts and Javelins depending on what type of gameplay you're trying to achieve. For example, if you have no Colossus to tank things for you, an Interceptor will be close to useless because of it's low health points and skill cap.
All things considered, I believe the Colossus is the top tier Javelin Class in Anthem right now because of his high damage output and tanking capabilities, closely followed by the Storm and the Ranger due to their crowd-control effects, high damage and supportive abilities, with the last being the Interceptor Javelin that has high potential that comes with the cost of being really hard and complex to play and master..

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