Apex Legends Class Tier List

February 5, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
Apex Legends Class Tier List Best And Strongest Hero Character Legends Solo And Group Play Squad

Apex Legends just recently came out and it features 8 very unique Legends which are the different classes and characters you can play in Apex Legends. All of them are versatile and offer a battle-royale playstyle we haven't seen yet. In this Apex Legends Class Tier List we will be ranking all of the Apex Classes from best to worst (top-low) and providing you with enough information so you can dominate the world of Apex Legends!
As we mentioned, there are currently eight Apex Legend classes: Bloodhound, Gibraltar, Lifeline, Pathfinder, Wraith, Bangalore, Caustic and Mirage. All of them are more than viable for casual play but if you prefer to win most of your games or you're just a new player that wants to have an easier time starting out with a strong easy Legend class then check our Apex Legends Class Tier List below.
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Class Tier List Descriptors

S+ Tier - Overpowered. Apex Legends classes that are perfect for the min-maxers who enjoy melting their opponents or providing high utility to their squad in order to easily win team games.
S Tier - Very Strong. Apex Legends classes which are quite strong in the current state of the game and are more than viable for solo play.
A Tier - Balanced. These Apex Legends classes are very viable, especially for casual players and beginners.
C Tier - Underpowered. These Apex Legends classes are considered weak in the current Apex Legends meta and should be avoided if you aren't skilled enough to effectively use them.

S+ Tier


The Pathfinder Apex Legends Class is currently the most played one along with the Wraith. Pathfinder is a support oriented class because the character gives your whole team a massive mobility advantage-- Ziplines. The Ziplines offer quick transportation from one point to another and on top of that the Pathfinder passive skill shows you the next ring location so you can plan your movements with your team before others do so. This opens you up with a lot of strategies, for example if you know where the ring is gonna move next you can set up a camping spot with your squad there and see if you can kill some enemies when they're running into the safe area!


The Wraith Apex Legends Class features a very unique skill kit that many players absolutely love. Wraith has a high skill cap-- meaning that it's hard to master the character but if you do, it's absolutely among the most powerful classes in Apex Legends. The Wraith can teleport into the void to negate damage or even link two locations in order to allow you to teleport between them. The Dimensional Rift ultimate allows the Wraith to effectively solo kill a team of enemies because you can kite them through your rifts and outplay them. With Wraith you are going to be able to constantly flank your enemies which makes this one of the best Apex Legends DPS classes.

S Tier


The Gibraltar Apex Legends Class is mostly referred to as the "tank". Gibraltar's abilities are focused around shields and they offer a lot of protection, along with that, the ultimate "Defensive Bombardment" is just icing on the cake which lets you literally annihilate any nearby enemies while you and your team are safe. I personally love the Gun Shield passive on Gibraltar because it allows you to tank one Sniper shot-- which is a lifesaver sometimes. The Dome of Protection lets you use the turtle strategy, shield you and your allies while you heal up and in the mean time you can throw your ultimate on nearby enemies to easily kill them or scare them away! The only downside to Gibraltar is that he's REALLY slow but if your team is focused around camping and shooting with Snipers he will be very useful.


The Bloodhound Apex Legends Class is a very hard class to play but extremely rewarding. Bloodhound is very unique because he can literally let you and your allies have a wallhack, if used correctly that is. Bloodhound is one of the strongest classes for solo play because it allows you to find and neutralize enemies one by one by being sneaky and following their footsteps aka clues. Even if you play in a team, Bloodhound is very useful but you need to use voice chat in order to constantly feed your allies with the information you get about your enemies' whereabouts.


The Mirage Apex Legends Class is the Class which you have to unlock additionally because he's not a part of the 6 free Apex Legends heroes you get when starting out. Mirage is known as the "trickster" and has a high skill cap because you have to know how to effectively use the decoys and invisibility his skill kit gives you. In addition to that, his survivability is quite low and the cooldowns are high so if you fail Psyche Out, well, you're dead. Consider playing Mirage once you master the Wraith because they both require you to have great decision making and aim.

A Tier


The Caustic Apex Legends Class focuses on Gas traps and poison in order to bring his enemies down. Caustic although very fun, has mediocre usage simply because you have to plan your enemies' movements without any mistakes and the poison deals DoT meaning they won't instantly lose health, this is a crucial part because if enemies don't die as soon as possible, they will have time to deal damage to you and it's better to not get hit at all! Caustic is very bad in the early game simply because there are not many enemies around in the looting phase but he does shine in the phase when the ring danger zone starts to be really small. Caustic dominates the late game if the traps are set up in positions where enemies are going to walk through-- but this requires high game knowledge and patience!


The Bangalore Apex Legends Class is the standard "Soldier" class from other FPS/BR games. Nothing about the Bangalore's spell kit screams "overpowered" but it's an all around strong class that is easy to play and learn when you're first starting out. The Smoke Launcher provides you and your team with some means of damage avoidance while the Rolling Thunder ultimate serves as any easy to use airstrike that can dish out some serious damage if your enemies don't have a place to hide. Overall, the Bangalore is a fun class but it lacks in both the damage and survivability departments simply because it's a hybrid and the other classes do their job better.


The Lifeline Apex Legends Class aka the Medic. Lifeline is the only Apex Legends hero that can heal herself and her allies. Lifeline is in the A tier simply because she works only for certain team compositions, for example, if you've got a skilled Wraith and Bloodhound in your team, you're barely ever gonna have time to heal them up or even keep up with their mobility which will render you useless for most of the time. Though, for team compositions that are focused on camping-- such as Gibraltar, Lifeline and Caustic or Pathfinder the Lifeline class becomes really strong. In my opinion, a skilled team will always have enough health kits or won't get downed/hit enough for Lifeline to be useful but if your just a bunch of friends having fun and playing casually, Lifeline is a must.

C Tier

There are no Legends currently in the lowest Class Tier yet, this is a subject to change as the game progresses further so make sure to bookmark this article for up to date latest Apex Legends Class Tier List!

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