Apex Legends Origin Access Promotion - Apex Coins, Epic Flatline Skin And Banner Badge For Free

March 11, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
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If you've got an Asus product, you're in luck because Asus is giving out 1 Month of Origin Access for free if you register ANY of your Asus product via a Serial Number on their event page (yes this means you can do it for all of your products, provided you can make enough accounts). What does this exactly have to do with Apex Legends you might think? Well...Apex Legends is also currently running a promotion in the most convenient time, because if you have EA Access or you're an Origin Access Member you'll be given certain Apex Legends Origin Access exclusive content.
The Asus page where you'll be able to find the event in order to claim your free month of Origin Access can be found here. As we mentioned previously, all you have to do is input your SN of an Asus product and you'll receive your codes via mail shortly. "Codes"? Yeah, you'll also get an Anthem weapon skin for free. The codes are separated via a star symbol so make sure you're copying the right one into the right product activation screen.
Edit - apparently Asus disabled the event until they fix the issues which happened for people that have been registering their codes for the past few hours. There was a security leak which caused every email containing an Origin Access code to also contain an email and code of another Asus user. They will probably enable the free Origin Access via Asus event again because while the event was live it was set to expire in 3 months, so make sure to bookmark that site and be ready to snag your free Asus Apex Legends loot!

What exactly are you getting with the Origin Access?

By playing Apex Legends by June 30, 2019. using the EA Account linked to your Origin Access Premier or Origin Access Basic membership, or even the Xbox Live account linked to your EA Access membership, you'll be able to claim these exclusive Apex Legends rewards below:

  • 1000 Apex Coins (worth £7.99†)
  • An exclusive Flatline Epic Weapon Skin ("In the Game" for Origin Access members, and "Greenback" for EA Access members)
  • A special Apex Legends Banner Badge.

In the worst case scenario and Asus doesn't fix their event and enable it back, you can still sign up for Origin Access Basic membership which only costs 4€ for a month (you can disable future payments, so you'll only pay for that one month). Even if you grab the Apex Legends Origin Access membership exclusive content this way, you'll still get 8€ worth of Apex Coins (which you can save up for the Battle Pass that is coming soon), an exclusive Flatline Epic Weapon Skin and a banner.

Are you one of the lucky ones that saw this on Reddit and claimed your free Asus Origin Access in time? If not, hopefully we've explained how to Get Free Apex Legends Coins And An Epic Flatline Skin once the Asus event goes live again.
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