Atlas Character Power Leveling Guide

December 26, 2018
by GamerDiscovery
Atlas Fastest Way To Level Up Strategy Guide Tips And Tricks

Everything in Atlas revolves around your character's (Pathfinder) level because each time you level up you'll be able to place a point into Character Stats and Skills. In this Atlas Power Leveling Guide we will teach you how to maximize your character experience gain in order to level up as fast as possible and reach high levels. This method to level up fast works for any levels (though, you need to be at least Character level 4 in order to have a go at this unless your friends provide you with the Bow and Arrows).

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In order to level as fast as possible you will have to get a Bow and a lot of Arrows. To be able to craft a Bow and Arrows you will need to be at least level 4-- you need The Basics, Tool of the Trade and Archery skill passives from the Survivalism Skill tree and Basics of the Bow from the Archery & Throwing Weapons Skill tree (You technically don't need The Basics but it will help speed things up because you need Tools to get resources as fast as possible).
The first step after you have acquired these Skills is to craft a Bow and at least 70 Arrows (for the Bow). If you have any other ranged weapons such as pistols, guns or even Flame Arrows (Ammo for the Bow) use them because they will let you maximize your exp/h.Atlas Character Power Leveling Guide Tips Tricks And Strategy Fastest Way To Level Up Maximize Exp Gain For Pathfinder Bow RecipeAtlas Character Power Leveling Guide Tips Tricks And Strategy Fastest Way To Level Up Maximize Exp Gain For Pathfinder Arrow Recipe
Step two is the most difficult one, you will need to find an ALPHA Animal-- which is essentially a more powerful "boss" version of normal animals. Finding these can sometimes feel like mission impossible but when you do find them it's the fastest and easiest experience gain ever. If you have friends just split up and roam around the island and group up once you've found an Alpha Animal. Alpha animals look the same as normal ones but their name tag involves "Alpha" and their level is usually A LOT higher.
Step three involves killing the Alpha Animal. Every version of an animal will give you a different amount of experience but in most cases you'll receive at least 4 levels per Alpha monster kill. In order to kill the Alpha animal and not die to it when you're undergeared-- kite, you have a Bow and a bunch of arrows! Just make sure to not get hit if you're fighting a Rattlesnake because those can knock you out in two hits. Shoot an Arrow, run around, shoot again, rinse and repeat until the Alpha is dead. In most cases it will take you around 3 to 5 minutes per kill, which is not a long time considering you'll receive hours worth of experience in no time.
For reference, a Rattlesnake Alpha kill will boost you from level 7 to 15, with just one kill! If you want to reach level 20 as fast as possible, killing Alpha Rattlesnakes is the absolute way to go.
Note - although untested by me and my crew, some friendly pirates have reported that Animals such as a Horse or a Cow will not grant you experience.



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