Atlas Detailed Ship Building Guide

December 24, 2018
by GamerDiscovery
Atlas MMO Game Ship Building Guide

How to build a Ship in Atlas is a really important question at the moment because all of the new beginner pirates are eager to raid other players with their fancy little Pirate Ships. This Atlas Detailed Ship Building Guide will teach you how to build a ship and explain every process while doing so because building a ship can be quite complex at first and many players often stay on the basic Rafts instead of advancing into small to medium Ships (Sloops).

Table of contents

  1. The Basics
  2. Blueprints and Ship Crafting Requirements
  3. Building the Ship

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The Basics

Atlas MMO Game Ship And Boat Building Guide Smithy

If you already know everything we noted in our Atlas Beginner Guide (especially how to get certain resources section) and you're at least character level 6 then you should be ready to start planning and building a Ship. The first thing you are going to need in order to build a Ship (Small Boat, Sloop or Schooner) in Atlas is a small Shipyard or a dock so you first goal is to collect resources and materials for it. After that, focus on gathering enough resources for Ship interior (you can start building the first parts of the ship-- interior frame at your dock or shipyard).
In order to start the second part of Ship building, you will need to acquire the Loom and Smithy. The Smithy will allow you to craft metal tools which will be used to gather resources and materials for the Ship, you will not be able to get these materials with the primitive Stone tools. Both Smithy and Loom are also used in Ship crafting, the Plank Floor is made in Smithy and Sails can be crafted in the Loom.
The Smithy can be crafted with 40 Fibers, 5 Flint, 65 Hide, 20 Metal, 125 Stone and 20 Wood. Metal is the rarest resource of them all, you can gather Metal by harvesting Rocks with a Stone Pickaxe-- the fastest way to get Metal is to just focus on getting it and hit all Rocks you come in contact with!

Smithy Recipes (Blueprints)

  • Metal Hatchet
  • Metal Pick
  • Metal Sickle
  • Scissors
  • Climbing Pick
  • Grappling Hook
  • Lantern
  • Shovel
  • Spyglass

Atlas Boat (Sloop/Schooner/Ship) Recipe and Requirements

The blueprint and requirements for building a Ship will vary depending on the boat size which means that for bigger Ships you are going to need large sails and a large Deck or Shipyard, whilst for the small to medium sized Ships-- Sloop and Schooner the small counterparts will suffice.

Sloop Recipe

Atlas MMO Game Ship And Boat Building Guide Sloop Recipe
  • 120 Fibers
  • 12 Metal
  • 220 Thatch
  • 140 Wood

Schooner Recipe

Atlas MMO Game Ship And Boat Building Guide Schooner Recipe
  • 380 Fiber
  • 48 Metal
  • 640 Thatch
  • 440 Wood

Other Requirements

  • Sails
  • Steering
  • Ceiling
  • Deck
  • Plates
  • Planks - Sloop costs 10 or 12 small Planks and a Schooner 28 medium Planks (which costs around 13.5k wood/fiber/thatch and 168 metal)

Building the Ship

After you have crafted and gathered all of the parts needed to craft a Boat in Atlas you should head over to your docks and locate the Ship outline frames. You will now be able to finish the Ship recipe in the Shipyard inventory. Place the Atlas Ship materials onto the Ship and if you notice any holes just fill them up with ceiling tiles.
In case you placed all of the Ship parts and materials correctly, you can now navigate onto the Ship and press "E" button on your keyboard. Your Boat should now be complete and it will fall into the water. If you are wondering how you can add cannons to your Ships, stay tuned for our upcoming Atlas Ship Guides where we will explain the whole Ship making system.

If you've enjoyed our Atlas Detailed Ship Building Guide make sure to share it with your friendly Pirates and don't forget to leave us a comment if you have any questions or need information about Atlas Ships.

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