Atlas Hidden Treasure Hunts And Gold

December 30, 2018
by GamerDiscovery
Atlas Hidden Treasure Hunts And Gold Acquiring Guide Tips Tricks And Strategies Soldiers Of The Damned Skeletons

Treasure Hunts are a lot of fun because they offer a unique experience, great loot and of course they're the key element of being a successful pirate! Even if you're alone or have a company of friendly pirates by your side, treasure hunts will keep you busy for a long time and on top of that they will give you a lot of gold. This Atlas guide will teach you everything you need to know about Hidden Treasure Hunts, their types, how to do them and what's the best way of collecting gold.

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  • Good geared crew
  • Cannon armed or a fast ship
  • Treasure hunt map
  • Shovel
Atlas Hidden Treasure Hunts And Gold Acquiring Guide Tips Tricks And Strategies Treasure Hunt Map

Doing treasure hunts is relatively easy if you've got a good crew. To find a treasure hunt map you will need to search around for the treasure map bottles on any island shores. In most cases you'll be able to find multiple ones but be careful because the maps spoil after ~5 hours and sometimes these treasure hunts take a long time to complete if they are on far away islands.
Treasure Maps come in different qualities and prefixes, for example quality 1-7 and common or fine Treasure Hunt Maps. As the quality of a Treasure Hunt increases, so do the rewards. For low quality Treasure Hunts you'll usually get around 150 Gold and for 6+ quality Treasure Hunts a whopping 500 Gold! This makes Treasure Hunting the best way of getting rich in Atlas and acquiring high amounts of Gold quickly.
After you have acquired a Treasure Hunt Map, activate it and it will tell you in which region your Treasure has spawned and you'll also be able to see hints on the map. Sail towards it with your crew, but beware, sailing is currently very dangerous due to the Ghost Ships aggressively roaming the sea so make sure you have either a fast Ship or one armed with cannons so it can destroy a Ship of the Damned.
A little tip if you don't know in which region you're located, you can see it near the hotbar once you've opened your map.
Once you've located the place that holds your Treasure box you are going to see a beam that points to it's location where you're supposed to dig. When you get near, soldiers of the damned are going to spawn (Archers, Warriors...) and you are going to have to kill them in order to be able to dig out the Treasure Chest. These monsters have about 200-300 Health and they are quite strong so be prepared, having someone with a gun will definitely be of huge help.

When you have successfully killed the skeletons go ahead and dig for your treasure chest. Once it's out of the ground you'll gain a huge amount of Gold, blueprints and items. The reason treasure hunts reward you with blueprints is because the recent patch made skill trees different in the sense that you can't acquire all of the blueprints via skill trees because you will at some point be max level and there are more skill tree points you can spec into than there are character levels.

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