Atlas How To Get Drinking Water

December 24, 2018
by GamerDiscovery
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The Atlas Health system is really complicated, on top of that you have to always keep your Hydration levels up or else you'll start losing Health Points. A lot of new players have trouble finding drinkable fresh water so this guide is focused on teaching you how to get drinking water the easiest and fastest way.

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Ways to get Drinking Water in Atlas:

  • Freshwater lakes and ponds.
  • Digging the ground with your hands.
  • Digging the ground with a shovel.
  • Waterskin (bottle for storing fresh water for later consumption).

Freshwater lakes and ponds are a really common way for beginners and new players to find water but the lakes and ponds are kind of rare and you won't often find one when you desperately need it.
Waterskin is a bottle in which you can store drinkable water which you can use later. You can carry the Waterskin bottles in you inventory and they're a pretty neat way of storing enough water for your pirate journeys but do note that they LEAK over time and you can actually craft Jars for storing water and they don't leak.
Digging the ground with your hands or a shovel - the best possible method of getting drinking water. Not many people use this method because it's hard to find out about it if you've never seen anyone else do it or you haven't read an Atlas drinking water guide.
The basic idea of digging the ground for water is to go prone (lay on the ground) in an area that has moist ground-- the best place is around grass and plants. When you lay on the ground, press left click and you're gonna start searching for water in the ground. If you don't find it at first, just change to another spot and start digging. Once you find water, a new "checker" mini-game will open up (similar to the Dead by Daylight one if you ever played it). The goal in this mini-game is to click at the right time when the line is inside the white part and you have to do this for 3 times in order to get the full amount of water, 2/3 will give you only 10-20 Water and 0/3 or 1/3 will result in a failure.

After playing the mini-game a couple of times, a small geyser of water will start to flow and you have to quickly drink it by spamming your "E" button (or whichever keybind you use for drinking water). Note that when the Water Spout appears you can even bottle it for later using the Waterskin flask.
Digging for water with a shovel can be done as well, but you will need a Smithy in order to craft a Shovel. And making a Smithy and a Shovel can be quite costly on resources, especially if you're just starting out. Digging water with a Shovel can net you up to a maximum of 200 water if you didn't fail the mini-games.

If you are feeling lost, make sure to check out our other Atlas tutorials and don't forget to share this Atlas How To Get Drinking Water guide with your friends so they can easily acquire water as well!

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