Best Apex Legends Beginner Legend Classes

February 5, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
Best Apex Legends Legend Classes Heroes And Characters For Beginners And New Players

Apex Legends hit 1 million players in less than 10 hours since it launched! With that in mind, there is going to be a lot new players and beginners to the Battle Royale genre that will wonder what is the best Apex Legends Beginner Legend Class. In this article we are going to be covering the 3 best and strongest Beginner Legends that should carry you through most games and allow you to be useful even if you're just starting out.


If you love playing tanks, Gibraltar is for you. With a proper team, Gibraltar is literally unkillable unless you get headshot by a sniper. Gibraltar works in a lot of different squad setups and even loadout sets! For example, you can build your Gibraltar to support your Assassins or just set up a camping spot and use a Sniper to dish out serious damage to your enemies (if you don't miss too many shots). In case you find armor pieces in the early game, and combine that with the high base health and the shields you can get from your abilities you'll hardly ever lose a 1vs1 fight as a Gibraltar.


Bangalore is a great all rounder for new players! She can reduce visibility with the Smoke Launcher and deal some serious damage with her ultimate, especially versus other newbies. The good thing about this is that matchmaking is made so that when you're a beginner you will be matched against other new players. Most won't know what's happening when they notice the Artillery rain down upon them and you can use this to your advantage...Bangalore is very easy to play and she is quite mobile, which is everything a new player needs for a Beginner Apex Legends Class.


In case the previous Apex Legends Beginner Classes don't interest you, try out Pathfinder. The Pathfinder has an incredibly useful and easy to use ability kit that allows him to maneuver through the map without much issues. Most beginners to the battle-royale genre will have trouble timing the danger zone ring efficiently which will sometimes kill them. As a Pathfinder you won't have these problems because you can Zipline out of danger and the ring really quickly in order to reach higher ground-- providing you with superior positioning over your enemies, which gives you a huge advantage!
In case you're looking to have more fun, check out this Apex Legends Random Drop Location and Legend generator tool.

Any of these Apex Legends Legend Classes will be great for a new player, if you have any questions make sure to commend below and share this Best Apex Legends Beginner Legend Classes Guide if you've found it useful!

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