Best Battlefield 5 Firestorm Map Drop Locations

March 25, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
Battlefield 5 V Firestorm Battle Royale BF5 Halvoy Map Best Drop Locations And Highest Rarity Loot Landing Spots Dropzones Guide Tips And Tricks

The Battlefield 5 Firestorm Update just came out which added the new Battle Royale game mode for the Halvoy Map. The all new Halvoy Map is currently 10 times bigger than any standard maps, and it seems to be the biggest one out of all battle royale games that are currently available which in return increases the amount of potential drop zones by a lot. When you're first starting out on the Firestorm BR mode, you'll probably wonder what's the best drop location which contains great loot. Our Best Battlefield 5 (V) Firestorm Map Drop Locations guide will show you the best landing spots for solo players and squads so that you can maximize your win-rate and looting efficiency.

A thing to note is that the map is different for every game of Firestorm which means that the game will randomly choose a circle in which you'll be able to drop. For example, one game you might not be able to access Baldr's Point and the next game you might. It's all based on RNG, but these are overall all the best drop locations for all scenarios of the Halvoy map rotation.

Firestorm BR Landing Spots With Best Loot

Battlefield 5 V Firestorm Battle Royale BF5 Halvoy Map Best Drop Locations And Highest Rarity Loot Landing Spots Dropzones Guide Tips And Tricks Marked Map

On the image above we have marked the best Firestorm drop zone locations depending on the amount of loot they contain or by their rarity. Some of them are also confirmed to be spawn locations for vehicles and we'll go over each of them now.

Friggatind, Minerva Docks and Pluto are often landing spots where most players drop and it's where the most action happens. These locations have great loot, but also an abundance of players that share it so it may not be wise to drop there if you're a beginner. Though, if you know how to play and are not afraid of fighting other players just as the game starts and RNG-ing your way to loot, these landing locations are among the best choices.

In case you're forced to drop in the west Halvoy map dropzone, the best choices are Nannahavn and Baldr's Point. The west side of Halvdeler is also one of the best landing spots in the Battlefield V Firestorm Battle Royale mode because not many people go there simply because they drop in the more popular places.

If the circle forces you into the right (eastern) side of the map, Hansen Farms has been confirmed that it can spawn Vehicles, so it might be a good place to drop there. The small unnamed city just below Hansen Farms is a great landing spot as well because it connects the two parts of land between the lake, so you'll see your enemies coming and you can possibly flank them.

Lastly, Odenberg, Pluto, Hodstad and Arctic Lake are also high tier loot zones which can spawn great loot-- an abundance of players pick them as their landing spot and this is why. Though, all these cities are connected via roads and are excellent for travelling via both foot and vehicles and you can see your enemies from afar which is great for planning your next move with your group.


Overall, all of the landing spots we marked on the Firestorm Halvoy map image are great landing locations for both solo players and squads in the latest Battlefield 5 battle royale game mode. In case you've found our list of the Best Battlefield 5 Firestorm Map Drop Locations useful, don't hesitate to share them to other Firestorm players and good luck with your drops!

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