Best Dauntless Beginner Build

May 31, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
Best Dauntless Beginner Build Guide For New Players Strongest Slayer Starter Loadout

If you're a new player just starting in Dauntless you're going to be overwhelmed by the amount of choices you can make to customize your slayer character build. The build that we're going to teach you today will be the best Dauntless Beginner build as the loadout can be very strong even in the hands of a new player. Some of the gear pieces featured are going to be used throughout your whole play-through because items in Dauntless can be leveled up to the end-game and still be viable to an extent. As you play the game from the beginning, you'll notice these Draskscale and Gnasher items have good stats and are all-rounders that will carry you through a lot of content.

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The best weapon of choice for this build is going to be a Hammer, though beware Hammers are moderately hard to play so if you're a complete beginner to Dauntless take a Sword until you get used to the game and then get the Hammer. With the Hammer loadout you'll have to focus on doing combos whilst the Sword can just kill the enemies and take their armor off by just slashing on the armored parts. In the end, both Hammer and Sword varieties are really strong as with the Sword you'll want the special Reactive Hilt and for the Hammer a special called Mighty Landbreaker.


For the Hammer variety of this beginner's Dauntless build, you'll want either Thundering Maul or the Raging Crash.


As for the Sword variety of the beginner build, both Thundering Blade and Raging Blade are great choices.


Draskscale Helmet and Draskscale Body Armor

Aetheric Attunement on these gear pieces is going to be strong early on in the game, especially if you have a good lantern (and you'll get one pretty quickly). Since Aetheric Attunement boosts your lantern charge generation, you'll have your lantern up relatively quickly. If you don't have a good lantern then this stat is not that good so make sure to always optimize your gear as needed.

Gnasher Grips and Gnasher Treads

Getting gloves with Ragehunter stat is going to be most optimal as you receive a significant damage boost. Depending on how you play (if you are able to dodge attacks efficiently or not) you'll want to have either Tough or something else on the boots.

Shrike's Zeal or Skarn's Defiance Lantern

Shrike's Zeal is going to boost your movement speed and attack speed whilst Skarn's Defiance grants you shield and deals damage to the enemies. Again, pick the Lantern depending on what you prefer more-- if you don't need the extra mobility, Skarn's is a great choice in order to make you tankier while also boosting your damage output per minute in order to burst down the behemoths.


The Perks you're going to be getting with this build are Aetheric Attunement, Ragehunter and Tough. All of these combined will provide you with an all-round assortment of buffs-- Ragehunter for damage, Tough for survivability and Aetheric Attunement for boosting your lantern of choice.

Full Dauntless Beginner Build

Dauntless Best Beginner Build Guide For New Player Strongest Slayer Loadout
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