Best Dauntless Repeater Support Build

June 2, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
Dauntless Best Support Build Repeater Loadout Combat Medic Squad Slayer

Dauntless is often played in a group setting with a couple of players and as such you might require a support when you play with your friends. If you don't really care about high damage numbers or being able to burst down a behemoth quickly and you'd rather support your teammates through various things, this Dauntless support build might be for you. Even in earlier stages of the game (and especially in the end-game) you'll have a lot of downed teammates and with this character loadout you'll be able to give your squad a second chance-- and you'll always be MVP in Heroic+ Patrols! On top of that, this build features the repeaters which are really awesome and fun to use.

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Playstyle and Requirements

This is a support build meaning it deals close to no damage. Instead, you'll be supporting your teammates so that they don't have to worry about dying which will easily increase your overall party DPS output on monsters. If you're just starting to play Dauntless with a couple of your friends who are also new to the game, this build is going to be awesome as it'll let you pass content much more easily and you'll be able to enjoy the game with your squad. This build can be played from very early in the game as the requirements are not high and it'll keep getting better once you play the game and get stronger perks & gear.


This build is going to use Ostian Repeaters with +3 Molten Cell and +3 Swift Cell (or Fleet Footed). The barrel which you use is going to primarily depend on what Behemoth you're fighting, but generally you'll want either the standard one or the barrel the Behemoth you're doing has a weakness to. Moving on, take the Salvo Chamber so you can do both damage and support your teammates at the same time. The Captain's Grip is BiS for this support build because it buffs all your allies' attack speed by 20% for 15 seconds which is huge!

Lastly, take the Stoneheart Prism because it's a really strong defensive choice in order to give you enough survivability so you can focus on other things.

The best repeater mod is going to be Extraction Catalyst as it will lower your skill cooldown drastically whenever you dodge Behemoth attacks.


The armor mentioned here can be played even from lower levels at +1 Cells, but as a full end-game viable build example we're using +3 Cells.


Shocking Glaze with +3 Medic Cell and +3 Medic Perk.

Body Armor

Heart of Stone with +3 Guardian Cell and +3 Guardian Perk.


Hellplate Bracers with +3 Ragehunter Cell and +3 Molten Perk.


Draskscale Greaves with +3 Conduit Cell and +3 Fleet Footed Perk.


The best lantern for this build is pretty obvious-- Shrike's Zeal. This lantern is going to boost your and your allies' attack & movement speed by 15% for 15 seconds which when added on top of Captain's Grip bonus you're looking at a 35% attack speed bonus for everyone!


Upon completion, this build is going to grant you five maxed out Perks and one at level 3 which is quite optimized for an early game viable build. Conduit is going to provide your Lantern hold ability an additional boost of 25% attack speed to you and your allies (so you're at 60% already). Fleet Footed will be crucial in order to allow you to be a real combat medic and run around to revive your allied slayers quickly and since we're mentioning revival, Medic will heal a revived ally for 40% health, increase your revival speed and grant you a 300 damage Shield for 20 seconds on revival. The latter effect combines really well with Guardian because a revived ally will also gain 60% of the 300 damage shield from you. Lastly, Molten will prove as a great choice since it grants immunity to burning and an increase to your attack and movement speed. Lastly, you'll have +3 Ragehunter which is not really that important since this build is not meant to deal damage anyway.

Full Support Build Loadout Setup

Dauntless Best Support Build Repeater Loadout Combat Medic Squad Slayer Weapon
Dauntless Best Support Build Repeater Loadout Combat Medic Squad Slayer Armor

We hope that you've found this Dauntless Support Build Guide useful as it's a pretty neat build to play which features very fun to use Repeaters and it'll let you have an easier time clearing Dauntless content with your friends.

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