Best Dauntless War Pike Build

June 4, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
Best Dauntless War Pike Build Guide Loadouts And DPS Setups

The Dauntless War Pike is a weapon that is very versatile because you can inflict every damage type with certain combos which increases the overall viability of the build as you can tackle various content better than others can. In this article we're going to go over the best Dauntless War Pike Build loadout for both beginners and veterans alike as the War Pike is a very fun weapon to use that's pretty popular among the playerbase.

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New Player


New Player Starter War Pike Build

This build is great for new players because you won't need any Cells to be strong enough in order to be able to clear low level content.


The Ember Pike is a strong weapon of choice for starters because it has a good amount of cell slots and the unique effect which allows it to deal 300 wound damage every seventh hit. Wound damage is great because it will boost the overall damage output of you and your allies to the wounded enemy limb-- you can see whether a limb is wounded by the characteristic glowing cuts and a smoke.

Concussive Payload is going to be the special you want on the Ember Pike as it will allow you to shoot a missile at nearby Behemoths which deal damage whilst also interrupting them.

Munitions Amplifier is the mod of choice as it will synergize well with Concussive Payload by increasing stored ammo quality over time.


The armor is pretty straightforward as it's the easiest and best equipment you can possibly get early on in the game. For the head you'll want the Draskscale Helmet with Ragehunter Cell and Aetheric Attunement Perk. Quillspike Jacket as the body armor with Savagery Cell and Savagery Perk. Moving on, Gnasher Grips for the gloves with Overpower Cell and Ragehunter Perk. As far as the boots go, you'll want the Gnasher Treads with the Overpower Cell and Tough Perk.

Lastly, the lantern you take will depend on what kind of content you're doing. Embermane's Rapture and Drask's Eye are both great choices so it's really down to your personal preference. Whilst Embermane's increases your attack speed which in return makes you more mobile and allows you to dodge attacks easier, the Drask's Eye increases your overall damage output but at the cost of slower attacks.


Please note that the builder shows +3 Cells which you won't be able to get early (just replace +3 for +1 or +2)

With this setup you'll be able to get quite a bit of Perk bonuses. In particular, Evasive Fury, Overpower, Ragehunter and Savagery are going to increase your DPS by a lot and allow you to kill behemoths much faster than other builds. Savagery synergizes really well with Ember's Pike which makes it an even better weapon choice so make sure you have both of these.

Beginner War Pike Build Layout

Best Dauntless War Pike Build Guide Loadouts And DPS Setups New Player

Endgame War Pike Build

This particular build is going to be more suited for players who have passed most content and are interested in grinding end-game hunts as it relies on hard to get equipment.


Inferno's Arrow is the strongest weapon for this War Pike build as it features an unique effect which will make your eight strike deal 250 bonus damage and on top of that, some major blaze damage. The Savage Wellspring Special is a great choice here as it will increase your critical strike chance by an aura which you can cast from meter ammo. Lightweight Shaft is a good quality of life mod that will allow you to Pike charge without consuming stamina and it will always cause a critical strike.


For the helmet you'll want to get Hellplate Casque with +3 Adrenaline Cell and +3 Ragehunter Perk. Mantle of Horns with +3 Conduit Cell and +3 Predator Perk is the body armor, Light's Refuge gloves with +3 Predator Cell and +3 Conduit Perk. Lastly, Skraevwing Boots with +3 Aetheric Attunement Cell and +3 Adrenaline Perk will be the best choice.

As for the lantern, Drask's Eye is a winner here because it will increase your damage which will synergize with critical strikes to make your hits much higher damage.


This end-game War Pike build manages to get six maximum level Perks: Adrenaline, Aetheric Attunement, Conduit, Overpower, Predator and Hunter. Five of these will directly increase your DPS output and Aetheric Attunement is going to be the sugar on top as it will allow you to use Drask's Eye more often in order to boost your damage even more.

Endgame War Pike Build Layout

Best Dauntless War Pike Build Guide Loadouts And DPS Setups Expert Endgame Patrols

We hope that you've found these Dauntless War Pike builds useful as they will allow you to tackle the whole game. If you have any questions, feel free to leave us a comment!

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