Best Dauntless Weapons To Craft Early

June 4, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
Detailed Dauntless Weapon Progression Beginners Guide For New Players Best Starting Weapons To Craft And Upgrade

The correct weapon progression path for your Dauntless character is going to be crucial if you want to maximize your crafting efficiency and get to the endgame as quickly as possible. In this article we’ll teach you what are the best weapons to craft in the early, mid and endgame. As such, this Dauntless weapons guide will be very useful for new players as most of these weapons can actually carry on to the end game and still be very strong (all you have to do is upgrade them).

The weapons we mentioned in this article and their respective order are what we suggest that you craft as a beginner if you intend to go through the early game content fast and rush to the endgame.

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Weapon Upgrading and Crafting

When you upgrade weapons everything about the weapon increases; the stat, the power of the weapon and even the unique effect on the weapon. Crafting a variety of weapons and even gear up to +10 will give you more mastery XP and you need master XP to unlock the ability to upgrade certain gear past a certain level. You don't need a whole lot of it, you need a little bit in the beginning but at a certain point I would suggest just playing all the weapons you can and upgrading random weapons so you have a diversity of weapons available to try out various builds as some weapons may become overpowered with future buffs and it would be great to have them upgraded and most importantly, have fun!

Best early game weapon to craft

For the first weapon once you start out you’ll want to craft the Gnasher Hammer because if you played the very first fight in the game properly which is lesser Gnasher and you break all his parts-- such as the legs, tail, head and lastly arms you’ll acquire resources with which you can go to Ramsgate (the starting city) and craft the Gnasher Hammer. Afterwards, you can then use this hammer to kill Embermane. The Gnasher Hammer is phenomenally easy to destroy all parts with and stop Embermanes rush. All you have to do is stand still and, on the PC, you hold right click.

Detailed Dauntless Weapon Progression Beginners Guide Raging Crash

The Gnasher Hammer is very strong in the current meta and you really can’t go wrong with it, since it’s so easy to use it is the perfect beginner’s weapon for early game. After you’ve killed Embermane a couple of times you will be able to craft the Embermane sword (Ember Cutlass).

The Embermane sword is very good for breaking parts and the unique special effect is very nice to that because every seventh hit in a row will deal 100% extra part damage. This bonus is insanely big for the early game because you need to break some parts in order to craft the weapons and to level them up at certain tiers of progression, so this is a very good weapon starting out. When you start to fight Lesser Boreus make sure to use the Embermane Sword to break as many parts as you can and then craft the Boreus Weapon which is the next progression item.

Detailed Dauntless Weapon Progression Beginners Guide Ember Cutlass

Alternatively, if you want to make a War Pike instead of a Sword, the best early War Pike is going to be the Embermane War Pike. Since the Embermane War Pike has a similar effect to the Hellion Sword-- which is that your 7th hit in a row will deal 100 wound damage. That is actually really good, and the reason is because wounds on the War Pike aren't crazy good by themselves but if you have Perks like Savagery which gives you extra damage versus wounded parts (up to 100% extra damage at +6) that will help you do better with the War Pike.

Detailed Dauntless Weapon Progression Beginners Guide Ember Pike

At the moment Boreus Sword is the best Boreus weapon (it gives your attacks 30 bonus damage and additional frost damage). Whenever you pop overdrive which is your Q or your special on the sword, you'll basically just get more damage which is very helpful in Dauntless as killing things faster is always a plus.

Detailed Dauntless Weapon Progression Beginners Guide Onus of Boreus

Strongest mid game weapon to make

After you’ve acquired Boreus you’ll soon find yourself fighting Hellion. Hellion has some of the best weapons in the entire game as of path 0.8.1. Pretty much five of the 5s weapons are meta right now and the only exception is the Hellion Axe. The best Axe is now the Rift Axe, everything else from Hellion is going to be a best in slot weapon at that checkpoint. Hellion weapons are very strong for a couple reasons; the first reason being that it has two power slots for every weapon type, and the second reason is that it has the Overpower Cell. The Overpower Cell is arguably the strongest Cell in Dauntless since every Behemoth can be affected by that.

At this point just craft whatever kind of weapon you want which you enjoy using and which suits your playstyle since you can’t go wrong with Hellion weapons. In particular, the Hellion sword because the sword is very good at doing all content, though it’s not the best at doing everything so pick accordingly.

Detailed Dauntless Weapon Progression Beginners Guide Inferno Razor

Preparing for the end-game

The next weapon that you should be progressing to will be an Axe and that is the Storm Cutter Axe. The main reason is that Energize Perk is insanely nice for Axe in terms of quality of life. After dodging through an attack, the next weapon attack has 100%-meter gain, and this has some hidden tech with it because what you can do is dodge through an attack and proc the effect and then create distance between the Behemoth and yourself and throw your special.

Detailed Dauntless Weapon Progression Beginners Guide Storm Cutter


If you have followed our Dauntless Weapons Guide carefully, you'll be at the end-game in no time. Always make sure that you are collecting materials and upgrading & crafting new things as you never know what item next you might be using.

We hope you have found our Dauntless New Player Weapons Guide useful, if you have, please share it with your friends!

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