Best Diablo 3 Season 20 Builds

November 22, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
Best Diablo 3 Season 20 Builds, Most Powerful & Popular Classes And Their Top Build For S20 Patch 2.6.8 In D3

The Diablo 3 Season 20 (patch 2.6.8) just launched and it brings a whole new meta with different builds and changes to old characters. Picking the strongest Diablo 3 Season 20 build is crucial if you intend on running high level Greater Rifts and any other hard content the game has to offer. In this article we're going to showcase the Best Diablo 3 Season 20 Builds that are suitable for both beginners and old players that are just starting out in the 2.6.8 patch.

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Season 19/20 Meta Changes

Cubed Furnace builds are now being replaced with the Echoing Fury because its new passive allows the user to go into a Frenzy each time he slays an enemy. The Barbarian meta is also getting changed, as everyone will mostly run Mortick's Brace now due to its unique effect which allows Wraith of the Berserker to gain the effect of every rune.

Builds that used the Hellfire Amulet are now replacing it with Squirt's Necklace and The Flavor of Time because they are much stronger than before. Squirt's Necklace is best in slot for many ranged builds now simply because you won't get hit, and that will pretty much grant you permanent damage buffs. On the other hand, Flavor of Time is a good alternative because of it doubling the Pylon buff time, effectively allowing you to smash through GRs if you get good Pylons (for those that play PoE, it's basically a mini Headhunter).

Highest Tier Best S20 Builds

The Multishot Demon Hunter is arguably the fastest clear speed build in the game and with the addition of Squirt's Necklade it has the ability to become much more powerful than before. This loadout relies on the Unhallowed Essence set and it can push GR118+ without any issues. Multishot DH was always a very popular build that was played by many since Multishot is a very enjoyable skill, even during the mid game for leveling purposes. With the addition of Season 20 this build can also work in the Captain Crimson set which makes it even better.

Jade Witch Doctor is an incredibly fun build that features a unique playstyle which many players love. This is one of the best WD builds for S19 as it can efficiently clear G111+ if tweaked correctly. The Jade set revolves around Haunt and Soul Harvest which are easy to use and great beginner skills.

Vyr Chantodo Wizard is definitely the best S19 Wizard build right now. It was a bit weaker during the last season, but with the addition of Squirt's Amulet in the S19 build the overall clear speed has become much better as the build can do 100% increased damage (provided you don't get hit).

Legacy of Nightmares Rapidfire DH builds gained traction back in S17 when Rapidfire support items received buffs. For season 20 this build became even more powerful as it can use Flavor of Time which boosts the Pylon buff duration that helps this build scale a lot higher than before.

Rapidfire Natalya Demon Hunter proves to be among the top S19 builds right now because it can use Captain Crimson set which allows it to surpass the LoN Rapidfire DH build, though both are good choices and you won't feel bad for picking either of these.

LoN Blessed Shield Crusader is one of the most fun and popular Crusader builds out there. It is based off of the Legacy of Nightmares minor set which has two pieces: Litany of the Undaunted and The Wailing Host. These increase the damage dealt by a ridiculous amount which makes Blessed Shield so good. Even though the build loses a bit of power in comparison to the last season setup, it actually makes up for it by incorporating The Flavor of Time amulet.

The Legacy of Nightmares DoD Witch Doctor is among the top tiers of builds for s19. It can output ridiculous amounts of damage due to Squirt's Necklace, Echoing Fury and The Flavor of Time. Incorporating these items into the last season LoN DoD WD build makes it so much stronger than before and it's no longer comparable to Zuni versions.

LoN Thorns Necromancer has been the most overpowered Necromancer S17 build and it still is in S19. The build benefits a lot from the new Squirt's Amulet which adds even more damage to it (although it did lose some damage due to Legacy of Dreams).

Archon LoN Wizard is one of the popular Wizard builds for S19 because it can now use the Flavor of Time along with the Legacy of Nightmares set which makes it clear much better than it used to do. The Flavor of Time increases Pylon duration and just by incorporating this into the build it will make it comparable to the Vyr Chantodo one, though Vyr is a favorite for S19.

We hope you've found our list of the Diablo 3 Best Season 20 Builds useful, if you have, remember to share it with your friends so they can pick the strongest S20 D3 build as well!

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