Best Ember Class Gauntlet Builds Path of Exile

June 9, 2021
by GamerDiscovery
Best Ember Class Gauntlet Builds Path of Exile Zizzaran Event Starters PoE

Starting on June 12th 2021. and running for 10 days, the Ember Class Gauntlet will be an upcoming HCSSF Ultimatum points based racing event hosted by Zizzaran and sponsored by shopify. To join the Ember Class Gauntlet event all you'll have to do is simply log in and join via the character select screen because the event is officially supported by Grinding Gear Games. The Ember Class Gauntlet event will feature a variety of rewards for player participation and on top of that it was made a bit more challenging with the addition of more AOE added to all monsters and bosses in the game. Picking a great ember class gauntlet starter build is going to be important if you want to try competing for the rewards so in this article we'll be covering the best ember class gauntlet builds for Path of Exile patch 3.14.

Earthshatter Impale Champion

The Earthshatter skill and its synergy with the Warcry skills is incredible and because of that it has been used a lot in racing, and in the HC, SSF HC, SSF leagues. To get this build going you won't need any specific uniques or gear so it is perfect for this event since it is hc ssf-only. Knowledge on how to craft good end-game melee 2h weapons will go a long way with this build because you won't be able to trade with other players. Overall, the champion ascendancy will provide the character with a lot of damage mitigation (permanent fortify). This makes it a great beginner build for anyone wanting to try out the event.

Decent Clear Speed
Boss Damage
SSF friendly
Great defenses

✖ Relies on good melee weapons
✖ Can't do phys immune maps

Earthshatter Impale 2h Champion guide

Cyclone Slayer

Cyclone builds are generally the most beginner friendly out there simply because cyclone characters are not very gear dependent and they cruise through the leveling phase. If you're a new player, or unexperienced and want to give the ember event a go, you can't go wrong with cyclone. Cycloners pass most content the game has to offer with ease and it can all be done on SSF, as well as softcore and hardcore. Who doesn't love holding down one mouse button and deleting everything on the screen?

Decent Clear Speed
Insane Boss Damage
Beginner friendly
High survivability
SSF Viable

✖ Needs a good weapon
✖ Can't facetank

Cyclone Slayer guide

Herald of Agony Juggernaut

Herald of Agony Juggernaut is currently one of the tankiest builds in the game. It can facetank most— if not all monsters and bosses, provided you are running a proper version of the build with good gear. I've played this build a couple of times and while it was incredible for boss killing and overall surviving as a Hardcore character, the build really lacks in terms of map clear speed and overall relying on the Herald to do damage felt clunky.

Boss Killer
Beginner friendly
HC Viable

✖ Terrible clear speed
✖ Damage falls off in the end game
✖ Relies on summon for damage

Herald of Agony Juggernaut guide

ED Trickster

Even though ED Tricksters received a substantial nerf with the Ultimatum patch, they're still incredible and are among the favorites as league starters for both beginners and experienced players due to the incredible off-screen killing this build can achieve. The playstyle is relatively simple, character can have decent survivability and the single target damage is decent in the end game if you get lvl 21 gems. ED Tricksters can rush through the acts with ease as they're not gear dependent, on top of that, the incredible aoe clear will mean that you can keep up with xp even by rushing (which not a lot of builds can do).

Boss Killer
Beginner friendly
Clears maps on 4-link
Insane Clear Speed

✖ Single target depends on gem level
✖ Squishy in end game

Essence Drain Trickster guide

Blade Blast Assassin

Poison Bladefall/Blade Blast builds have received a lot of attention recently as a lot of veteran PoE players started using them for league starts and event rushing. This build is a DoT caster build with incredible clear speed and insane single target as well which makes it viable for boss killing, uber lab farming and much more. The only downside to this build is that just like ED builds, it is a 2-button primary skill playstyle which means that you'll have too cast bladefall and then quickly follow it up with a blade blast cast. While this does not sound like a problem, a lot of people don't enjoy this kind of playstyle. A thing to note is that a BB Assassin is a much squishier option in comparison to the other builds builds above so if you're really focused on competing and not on participating for fun then it might not be the most optimal choice.

Incredible Boss Killer
Beginner friendly
SSF viable
Insane Clear Speed

✖ Two button playstyle
✖ Squishy due to relying on dodge and evasion

Blade Blast Assassin guide

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