Best Enlightened Build Teamfight Tactics

September 17, 2020
by GamerDiscovery
Teamfight Tactics Best Enlightened Build TFT Team Comp Guide Mobile And PC

Enlightened builds are popular because they don't have a 5 cost unit and don't require a chosen unit. With the buff to double mana generation they'll spam abilities like mages and do incredibly high damage. In this Teamfight Tactics Enlightened Build Guide we'll showcase the most popular TFT Enlightened team comp and how to play it throughout early, mid and late game as well as how to gear and position your units.


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Enlightened Synergy Bonus

Enlightened generate more Mana.

2 → 40% More Mana
4 → 70% More Mana
6 → 100% More Mana

Best Enlightened Team Comp

  • Fiora
    • Fiora enters a defensive stance for 1.5 seconds, becoming immune to damage and enemy spell effects. As she exits this stance, she ripostes, dealing magic damage to a nearby enemy and stunning them for a few seconds.
  • Nami
    • Nami traps the closest enemy in a bubble, dealing magic damage and stunning them for a few seconds.
  • Janna
    • Janna shields the lowest health allies for 4 seconds. Shielded allies gain Attack Damage for the duration.
  • Pyke
    • Pyke dashes behind the furthest enemy, creating an afterimage that deals magic damage and stuns enemies it passes through for a few seconds.
  • Irelia
    • Irelia launches a barrage of blades infront of her, dealing magic damage and applying on-hit effects. Enemies hit are disarmed for a few seconds.
  • Morgana
    • Morgana hallows the ground beneath her target, dealing magic damage to enemies within over 5 seconds and reducing their Magic Resist by 40% as long as they are inside it. Morgana restores 20% of the damage dealt.
  • Shen
    • Shen dashes past his target, shielding himself against damage and taunting all adjacent enemies for 4 seconds.
  • Talon
    • Talon stabs his target, striking them for a percent of his attack damage. If this kills them, Talon becomes unstoppable, untargetable, and invulnerable while he leaps to the enemy who's done the most damage this round and refunds his mana.

Enlightened Team Comp Guide

Early Game

Four enlightened units are easy to get: Fiora, Nami, Janna and Irelia but they lack backline damage and that's why people often end up on lose streaks in the first rounds. If you find yourself on a lose streak make sure to maintain it for the extra Gold because you'll want to push for level 8 before others reach level 7.

Mid Game

Mid game purely depends on which units you're getting-- if you already have Morgana and Talon then going for (6) Enlightened is very much a viable choice. Otherwise, you can stay on four Enlightened units and add Pyke & Shen as you'll use them later.

Late Game

Pushing for level 8 is crucial for this build because you lack proper frontline (Shen) and need a higher level to roll for Talon & Morgana to level them up quickly. The final team should look like this: Fiora, Nami, Janna, Irelia, Morgana, Talon, Pyke and Shen. Since these units gain bonus mana, it means they basically scale with ability damage-- meaning you should always focus on upgrading them!

Recommended Items

Morgana -- Blue Buff, Morellonomicon, Hextech Gunblade.

Shen -- Gargoyle Stoneplate, Sunfire Cape, Warmog's Armor.

Talon -- The Bloodthirster, Deathblade, Quicksilver.


Teamfight Tactics Best Enlightened Team Comp TFT Build Positioning Tips

Shen, Fiora and Irelia are the frontliners in this build as their job is to peel and distract until Morgana and Talon wreak havoc onto the enemy team. Pyke is in the backline but he'll stun the enemies and also join the front line. Janna and Nami are in the backline as they're supports.

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