Best Hearthstone Battlegrounds Deck Builds

November 25, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
Best Hearthstone Battlegrounds Builds And Team Comps Strategy Guide

Hearthstone Battlegrounds is the fourth big "auto battler" game that has come out this year. It is similar to Teamfight Tactics and Dota Underlords in a way, though it offers a very unique playstyle that has not been seen yet among other auto battler games. As always, you'll want to pick an appropriate Hearthstone Battlegrounds build if you want to win games and rank up. In this article we're going to cover the Best Hearthstone Battlegrounds Builds that currently have the highest win rates in the latest patch so that you can boost your MMR quickly or just learn the game mode if you're a beginner.

At the moment there are three really strong Hearthstone Battlegrounds team comps that will grant you a win most of the time: Lightfang, Mechs and Beasts. Demons are also a very solid choice, though you rely on RNG a lot by picking them so don't attempt to play them if you want constant wins. It's also worth noting that Demons are harder to play and make the strategy work. Along with those, there are a few other team comps out there that are decent enough if you know how to play them properly (like Murlocs).

Best Lightfang Build & Team Comp Strategy

The Lightfang Build revolves around two of its strongest units-- Menagerie Magician and Lightfang Enforcer. The team comp is often placed among the top builds in tier lists because how powerful it can be. Lightfang Enforcer card will grant a random friendly Mech, Murloc, Demon and Beast +2/+2 at the end of your turn which pairs incredibly with Menagerie's Battlecry which boosts a unit once the card is played. The basic idea of this team comp is to save up on health early on by using high stat units that will carry you through the early game and then transition into the Menagerie, Lightfang, Hydra and Amalgam build. You'll only want to have Cave Hydra as beast on the board because that way it will receive all the buffs-- making it an effective hyper-carry in this strategy. Additionally, Amalgam will be the Murloc buff receiver in this team comp. This means that you've got an open spot for the Demon and Mech buffs. This means you can put something like a Foe Reaper on the board to get the Mech buff and then you can choose a Demon of your choice.

Lightfang Build Menagerie Magician Unit
Lightfang Build Enforcer Unit
Lightfang Build Cave Hydra Unit

Landing an Annoy-o-module and Toxfin on the Amalgam and as time goes on your power will surge so you've just got to survive long enough for this Hearthstone Battlegrounds build to pop off.

Best Beast Build & Team Comp Strategy

The main units for a Beast team comp are: Rat Packs, Hyenas and Pack Leaders. Getting these early on will mean you can go for a Beast build early on without playing around "rng" as you'll want the buffs on Cave Hydra later. Once you've acquired those three main units, you will then need the Cave Hydra, Goldrinn and a Mama Bear.

Beast Build Rat Pack Unit
Beast Build Scavenging Hyena Unit
Beast Build Pack Leader Unit

The most effective strategy for playing a beast build is to rush Tavern level 5 quickly as it'll allow you to get Mama Bear faster. Other than that, this team comp is relatively easy to play as there's not much setup to be done in order to make it work.

Best Mech Build & Team Comp Strategy

The core Mech units for this team composition are: Cobalts, Junkbots, Replicating Menaces and Annoy-o-modules. Along with those, you'll also need an early Amalgam and Security Rovers as they synergize well with Cobalts and Junkbots. Later on as you upgrade the Tavern you'll be able to discover Foe Reaper which additionally secures your victory if the Junkbots haven't done it yet.

Mech Build Cobalt Unit
Mech Build Junkbot Unit
Mech Build Replicating Menace Unit
Mech Build Annoy-o-module Card

The Mech strategy is rather easy, all you need to do is get Tavern level 4 to be able to get all the core Mech units and you're set. This is probably the most beginner friendly build out there because it doesn't require as much skill to be played properly. If you want to, you can literally force Mech every game and you'll mostly do great!

Best Demon Build & Team Comp Strategy

The Demon core units are: Wrath Weavers, Soul Jugglers and Mal'Ganis.

Demon Build Wrath Weaver Unit
Demon Build Soul Juggler Unit
Demon Build Mal'Ganis Unit

Early Wrath Weavers are what make the Demon builds exceptionally powerful when played the right way. These units will deal 1 damage to your Hero, though you'll gain the sweet +2/+2 buff which scales incredibly well. Soul Jugglers are the next core unit in this build as they're great for punishing the enemy once they attack you and kill allied Demons. Pick up any other Demons you find (Annihilan Battlemaster is great) and level up the Tavern so that you can find Mal'Ganis because this is the point when Demons snowball enemies out of the way. The main problem with this build is that every time you cast Wrath Weavers you take one damage and it stacks up to a lot. Getting Mal'Ganis too late (or never getting him) will most certainly result in a loss so it's a pretty dicey team comp to play.

These are currently the 4 Best Hearthstone Battlegrounds Builds, if you have any question about the team comps or strategies feel free to leave us a comment below and good luck with pushing the Ranked ladder!
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