Best Hunter Build Teamfight Tactics

September 16, 2020
by GamerDiscovery
Teamfight Tactics Best Hunter Build TFT Team Comp Guide Mobile And PC

Hunters are powerful because they can focus-fire the lowest health enemy every couple of seconds. This allows your team to wipe the enemy board with ease and when the Hunters are paired with Moolight, this comp becomes even stronger. Aphelios continues to be "200 years" in both regular league and tft. In this Teamfight Tactics Hunter Build Guide we'll showcase the most popular TFT Hunter team comp and how to play it throughout early, mid and late game as well as how to gear and position your units.


Cultist Duelist Sharpshooter Spirit Shade Dusk ElderwoodEnlightened Warlord Divine Keeper

Hunter Synergy Bonus

Every few seconds, all Hunters will attack the lowest health enemy, dealing increased damage.

2 → 175% Bonus Damage every 3.5 seconds
3 → 175% Bonus Damage every 3 seconds
4 → 175% Bonus Damage every 2.5 seconds
5 → 175% Bonus Damage every 2 seconds

Best Hunter Team Comp

  • Lissandra
    • Lissandra hurls a dagger at her target's location, exploding into many daggers on contact with an enemy or when it reaches its destination. The initial dagger deals magic damage, and all enemies hit by the dagger explosion are dealt magic damage.
  • Aphelios
    • Aphelios summons a turret for a few seconds. An extension of his will, the turret counts as Aphelios himself when it fires and deals damage, and dies when he dies.
  • Sylas
    • Sylas lashes his chains out in a 3 hex line, dealing magic damage to enemies hit and increasing the cost of their next spell by 40%.
  • Kindred
    • Wolf mauls Kindred's target, dealing magic damage and reducing healing by 50% to her target for 5 seconds, while Lamb leaps away from Kindred's target.
  • Yuumi
    • Yuumi dashes next to a low health ally, healing them for a percent of their missing health and granting them attack speed for 5 seconds. She then repeats this for the furthest ally.
  • Ashe
    • Ashe gains Attack Speed for 5 seconds, and her Basic Attacks fire a flurry of arrows dealing physical damage.
  • Cassiopeia
    • Cassiopeia releases a cone of magic energy towards her target, dealing magic damage to all enemies hit, stunning them for a few seconds, and causing them to take 10% increased damage while stunned.
  • Warwick
    • Warwick gains Attack Speed, Lifesteal, and moves faster for the rest of combat. While in this state, if Warwick scores a takedown he howls, fearing all adjacent enemies for a few seconds.

Hunter Team Comp Guide

Early Game

With a relatively strong early game, Hunters can set you up for some interesting win-streaks and high economy games. Aphelios and Kindred are the main units you need to look for and getting either of them "Chosen" will be even better. Lissandra and Sylas are usually the other two units that accompany them early on because of the moonlight buff.

Note -- it's incredibly important to have the most amount of items on your Aphelios so that the moonlight buff targets him!

Mid Game

Getting all the four Hunters during mid game can snowball your team into a free win. Getting Aphelios, Kindred, Ashe and Warwick is the core of this build (and either Ashe or Warwick should be "Chosen" for 5 Hunter buff. Remember that staying on 50 Gold is crucial because you'll need a lot of Gold soon.

Late Game

Spend all Gold to level up units and be on level 7/8, and ideally you should be running a full team before others if you've been managing your economy well. Yuumi and Cassiopeia aren't crucial to the team, but they benefit it nicely by adding Mystic and Spirit synergies.

Recommended Items

Aphelios -- Guardian Angel, Guinsoo's Rageblade, Statikk Shiv

Kindred - Blue Buff, Jeweled Gauntlet, Rabadon's Deathcap

Sylas -- Gargoyle Stoneplate, Sunfire Cape


Teamfight Tactics Best Hunter Team Comp TFT Build Positioning Tips

The Hunter team comp runs the usual positioning with tanks on the frontline/protecting the backline hyper carries and supports in the back as well. It's incredibly important to keep your Aphelios well protected because he's the main carry of this team, with Kindred coming into second place.

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