Best MHW Iceborne Beginner Builds

September 7, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
Best Beginner Builds For Monster Hunter World Iceborne Top Early Game Master Rank MHW Iceborne Armor Loadouts And Weapon Sets

The latest "Iceborne" expansion for Monster Hunter: World just launched and many new players are being introduced to MHW. Picking the best possible MHW Iceborne build is an important part of the game because it will allow you to pass content more easily or simply not waste countless hours on grinding for gear that will be obsolete for character loadouts after you've played for a bit. In this article we're going to cover the best builds for MHW Iceborne which contain easy to get and strong early game Master Rank armor pieces so you can have an easier start in the brand new content.

Charge Blade Build Loadout

This Charge Blade set is easy to get and comes with great skills that will help you get through the early content more easily. In case you're playing Charge Blade at the beginning, it is highly recommended to go for an Impact Phial CB setup as it's viable versus any early game monster because you won't need to worry about enemy elemental weaknesses, effectively making it an easier build to play.


MR Jagra's Charge Blade - easy to make, early game Master Rank 1 weapon that will carry you through content for a while. The blade itself comes with very decent attack, sharpness and slots.


Attack Boost lvl 4 will provide your character with increased attack power and improved affinity at higher levels.

Focus lvl 3 increases the fill rate for weapons with gauges and the charge rate for weapons with charge attacks.

Artillery lvl 3 increases power of each attack by 30% and reduces Wyvern's Fire cooldown by 50%.

Guard lvl 3 decreases the impact of attacks and reduces stamina depletion by 15%. A lot of monsters cause high amounts of knockback with their hits so having Guard can be incredibly useful in most cases.

Offensive Guard lvl 3 is a good addition to the character as it will boost the attack power by 15%.

Health Boost lvl 2 gives you +30 Health which is more than plenty for early to mid Master Rank game when paired with the defensive capabilities of this whole Charge Blade loadout.

Handicraft lvl 2 increases weapon sharpness by 20.

Speed Eating lvl 2 increases your meat-eating and item consumption speed.

Other notable skills that you acquire in this Charge Blade build are: Capacity Boost, Mushroomancer, Guard Up and Non-elemental Boost.

Armor Set

Jagras Helm, Damascus Mail, Banbaro Vambraces, Banbaro Coil and Hornetaur Greaves. You can also get Ironside Charm with +3 Guard.

Decoration Jewels

Since you've played MHW before Iceborne, you're going to have some decorations already but some of these are brand new which you're going to have to obtain first.

Charger, Handicraft, Magazine, Artillery (x3), Shield, Elementless, Guardian/Attack and Attack. In case you're not able to get Guardian/Attack jewel (which is the new one and it's incredibly powerful) then slot in an another Attack gem for the time being.

Great Sword Build Loadout

Once again, the Jagra is the weapon of choice because it is easily obtainable in early master ranks and its DPS output is much more higher than any other Great Sword in that stage of the game. Due to charge attacks being much better to use, it's greatly preferred to go for pure damage GS instead of elemental ones because elemental damage GS can't be charged.


The Jagras Deathclaw is the best early master rank weapon as we mentioned previously. To obtain the Jagra GS all you have to do is follow the Great Jagras Tree until you reach the MR upgrade. To craft the Jagras Deathclaw you'll need: 3x Tough Claw, Great Jagras Thickhide, Great Jagras Hardclaw and Monster Slogbone.


Critical Eye lvl 7 increases Affinity.

Health Boost lvl 3 increases your Health by a whopping +50.

Critical Boost lvl 3 boosts the damage done by critical hits.

Weakness Exploit lvl 3 increases the affinity of attacks if you exploit enemy weak parts.

Focus lvl 3 boosts the gauge fill rate for weapons and the charge rate for attacks.

Other notable passive and active skills that you obtain with this Great Sword loadout are: Handicraft, Partbreaker, Maximum Might

Armor Set

Bone Helm, Damascus Mail, Kulu Vambraces, Hornetaur Coil and Hornetaur Greaves are both great choices as they can be obtained early on when you unlock MR Expeditions.

Decoration Jewels

Critical Jewel 2 (x2), Expert Jewel 1 (x4), Mighty Jewel 2, Charger Jewel 2, Expert Jewel 1 and Expert Jewel 4, Vitality 1. Getting Critical Eye to lvl 7 is important for this build because it heavily revolves around critical hits to deal a lot of damage. On top of that, with the Iceborne expansion it was slightly buffed.

Long Sword Build Loadout

This is the absolute best Iceborne beginner build for Longswords as the main weapon is crafted as early as Master Rank 2. The loadout manages to achieve 860+ Attack, white Sharpness, 20% affinity and 280 Paralysis which is pretty strong for the type of content you'll be progressing through.


Kadachi Daito Long Sword is the weapon of choice here. It can be unlocked by following the Tobi Kadachi Tree and then crafting the sword itself with: 2x Tobi Kadachi Hardclaw, 2x Tobi Kadachi Cathode, 6x Tobi Kadachi Shards and 1x Large Wyvern Gem.


Attack Boost level 7 is maxed out and gives attack power & affinity boosts.

Handicraft level 5 extends the sharpness gauge by +50.

Paralysis Attack level 4 increases the rate of Paralysis buildup by +30% and gives a flat +10 bonus.

Health Boost level 3 once again, provides you with +50 Health.

Quick Sheath level 3 greatly increases sheathing speed for your weapon.

Other notable (but level 1) skills you get with this Long Sword Build are: Effluvial Expert, Partbreaker and lastly, Agitator.

Armor Set

This is a particularly easy gear set to make. The items you'll need are: Bone Helm and Bone Mail, Vespoid Vambraces, Girros Coil and Nergigante Greaves. If you're struggling to obtain the Nergigante Greaves, a solid replacement for them are the Hornetaur boots as they'll provide you with Handicraft 1.

Decoration Jewels

The decorations you'll need to make this build work are: Attack Jewel 1, Handicraft Jewel 3 (x2), Challenger Jewel 2, Attack Jewel 1 and Sheath Jewel 1 (x2).

As always, if you've found our Best MHW Iceborne Builds and Armor Loadouts useful, share them with your friends and leave us a comment below if you have any questions about these Iceborne Builds.
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