Best Mordhau Key Binds

June 5, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
Best Mordhau Key Bindings For New Players Beginner Key Binds Friendly Settings

In this quick article we’ll be discussing on certain settings that you should change aside from the default controls. These changes to keybindings will help you learn the game better since you will rely on key bindings a lot in this game as there’s quite a few actions to do.

As you first start playing the main thing you're going to want to change is you're going to go to your settings, go to controls and turn off angle attack after press. What this does is if you hold left mouse button and move your mouse to the left, moving the mouse will automatically initiate the attack and this really is not a great setting because you’ll often want to time your attacks down to the second in order to be precise and do damage. Next, you're going to leave “Mouse x-axis flips attack side” ticked and what this is going to allow you to do is use the default stab control or whatever you bind stab to.

With this you can basically attack upward right, down right, down left and upward right with a stab strike. And you can even do the same thing for slashing. This is basically going to help you get a good idea on different angles that you can choose while stabbing and slashing vertically.

The next thing you're going to change is you're going to go over to your settings under key bindings and unbind parry & feint and then you're going to bind feint or parry to right mouse button. This is going to allow all functions of your weapon to be applied to your mouse and leave everything on your keyboard to be done for player movement like jumping or switching your weapons with the one two and three keys.

If you have any other keybind ideas for the best Mordhau key binding layout, please leave us a comment below!

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