Best Path of Exile Blight Beginner Builds

September 5, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
Best PoE 3.8 Builds For Beginners Path of Exile Blight Meta Skills

The latest Path of Exile league "Blight" introduced various changes to skills, mostly forcing a summoner meta with all the buffs to the summoner playstyles. Spells which worked well for league starts in the last league are still viable as not many were nerfed or changed in any way. Choosing the best Blight league build is going to be crucial if you intend of passing the PoE Blight content easily, especially if you're a total beginner to Path of Exile. Making a build yourself is incredibly hard if you're just starting out so in this article we're going to showcase the best Path of Exile Blight builds that are suitable for both beginners and experts that just want to rush through content and level up fast or farm certain bosses for currency.

List of contents

  1. Blight Summoner Builds
  2. Blight Melee Builds
  3. Blight Spell Caster Builds
  4. Blight Bow Builds
  5. Mixed 3.8 Builds
  6. Conclusion

These PoE Blight Builds are viable for Path of Exile Blight on PC, Xbox and PS4.

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Best Blight Summoner Builds

Str Stack Zombie Summoner

The strength stacking Zombie summoner has been incredible for most of the past leagues, and now it comes back even stronger! The basic idea of this build is to get as much strength as possible, which will be added to your Zombies when you wear the Baron helmet (which is a requirement for this build, though a very cheap one). The build is incredibly tanky while having up to 16 zombies and 20mil+ Shaper dps which means it'll just melt anything in its way. The only downside being that it's "boring" to play for many and it might be very expensive to min-max during Blight as everyone will be going summoner. If you're looking for a 3.8 HC or SC viable build, you can't go wrong with this one as it is one of the best PoE Blight builds.

Spectres Summoner Necromancer

The Spectre Necromancer by Angry has been one of the most popular builds out there for quite a bit. It comes updated for the 3.8 Blight league and is arguably the best and cheapest league starter for Blight right now. Spectres offer a very safe playstyle as you can offscreen most bosses and keep your distance while Delving and doing Betrayal content. The build itself has very fast clear speed in maps and allows you to zoom through mobs quickly. The main change that affected Spectres this league is the fact that they now scale with gem level rather than corpse levels, meaning no need to waste expensive high tier maps anymore to have strong summons.

Herald of Agony Gladiator

The HoAG Gladiator is a bit of a complicated build to play because the gearing can be expensive and it's relatively slow for leveling because you don't get HoAG early on. Nonetheless, if you find yourself wanting to play this build you can't go wrong in late game as it melts both bosses and monsters in an area of effect due to poison proliferation. Additionally, being Gladiator will make you exceedingly tanky which is a great thing for Hardcore Blight. Since HoAG didn't receive any changes in this patch, it's pretty much the same as the 3.7 variant. During the last HC Legion league most of the top ranked players were HoAG builds which goes to show how powerful it is which makes it a great league starter for experienced players.

Top Blight Melee Builds

Frost Blades Raider

With the incredible buffs to melee skills and Frost Blades during last league, Frost Blades is still one of the top competitors in the melee category of skills even in Blight. Frost Blades can be obtained very early in the game which makes it a great skill if you want to play a build from start to the endgame. Both the clear speed and boss clear are excellent and this particular build can be tweaked a bit to have more life, making it hardcore viable. The only main downside is that you can't run any elemental reflect on maps because you'll be instantly dead on the first hit.

Blade Flurry Slayer

Blade Flurry has been a very powerful skill of choice for many duelist builds in the current meta due to the fact all buffs from the last league still remain present. With about 300 chaos invested into gear, this build can run through Shaper Guardians and many other end-game bosses that usually require much higher investment. This particular BF build uses Bringer of Rain which is a ~5 chaos unique in most leagues, making it an excellent Blight starter build as it'll allow you to clear early maps easily with close to no investment. If you're looking for a melee build that uses more than one skill and requires a bit of skill to play, this one is for you.


In case you want to watch Netflix while grinding through maps and just brainlessly roll through content by holding one mouse button, Cyclone is for you. Yes it has been nerfed a bit in 3.8 but it's still a very powerful melee skill of choice for Blight (simply because last league it was OVERPOWERED and now it's more or less balanced). Cyclone is absolutely perfect for someone who's just starting out and has no idea about Path of Exile and just wants to survive through early to end game without having to worry about the plethora of stuff that PoE throws at you during leveling. The build itself features surprisingly high DPS with close to no investment and is incredibly tanky due to Marauder ascendancy choices. Being so tanky makes it the perfect build of choice for farming Uber Lab (Izaro) early and making huge amounts of money from enchants.

Best 3.8 Spell caster Builds

Essence Drain Occultist

The ED Trickster has been appearing among the top beginner starter builds for a few leagues now, and for good reasons. ED can be played with both Trickster and Occultist, but for this particular build we're going for a Witch Occultist. Due to the nature of Essence Drain builds having a "generic chaos" passive tree, you'll also be able to swap in Contagion or Bane instead of ED if you really want to. This Essence Drain build features very high damage output with fast clear speed which is accompanied with off-screen potential. The immensely high life regeneration and defensive capabilities make this one of the best builds to play as you start out in hardcore Blight because it can kill any boss in the game on a budget.

Storm Brand Templar

It was "nerfed" in the last patch, though it's still very much viable because Void Battery is not in the current 3.8 meta so it's pretty cheap to get. Mathil made a Storm Brand build that is basically destroying all content in the game, although a thing to note is that it's relatively squishy so attempt it in HC only if you know what you're doing. Storm Brand is the perfect choice for a softcore character that's aimed towards passing through to maps very quickly on Blight launch so that you can start farming maps quickly and getting currency fast. Along with that, it performs really well on solo-self found as well, due to the fact no uniques are required to make the build shine. If you want to check out Mathil's version, you can find it here. Though, you'll need to update the passive tree to 3.8 yourself.

On the other hand, Armageddon Brand is the perfect choice for players that want to venture through the Hardcore Blight league due to it being much tankier on a Marauder and allowing high life regeneration and leech.

Freezing Pulse

If you prefer a build that's playable from early in the game then Freezing Pulse is for you. There are many variants of the build but the only updated one at the moment is goofy's. If you want to try making a passive tree yourself, base the build on crit and dual void batteries and you can't go wrong. Otherwise, goofy's build features an optimized skill tree that can be ran with Winter Orb (though, you can swap FP in there). It's very cheap to gear and performs well in all stages of the game, along with that, the build itself is considered very "tanky" due to the fact you freeze and shatter monsters all the time.

Strongest Blight Bow Builds

Toxic Rain Shadow

Toxic Rain hasn't had changes for quite a while and it still remains one of the mostly played bow builds out there. It's absolutely incredible for leveling, as well as end-game content and delving in particular. With this build you can run any map mods, do a lot of damage and still have very high defensive capabilities by utilizing high EHP, dodge and evade. The only main downside of Toxic Rain builds is the fact they are DoT which means it takes time to ramp up damage and kill monsters (which can kill you relatively quickly if they get close). Though, the fact that Toxic Rain also slows enemies helps tremendously when you're dealing with high health enemies.

Poison Scourge Arrow

Some like to play crit elemental Scourge Arrow for raw damage while others like pure Poison variants. Poison Scourge Arrow is arguably the best possible bow starter build for Blight and I'd personally give it second spot (with ANY summoner build being on top). If you don't believe me that this build is so good, go check the "pros and cons" section on the guide. Incredible life, movement speed and damage, accompanied with low cost and high resistances just make it the best 3.8 Blight starter build for anyone that wants to steamroll through Uber Elder, Uber Shaper, Atziri and anything else.

Other PoE 3.8 Blight Builds

Cheap Arc Trapper

Despite continuous nerfs to Arc, it still makes its way into the top starter builds for new leagues every single time. Arc Trapper/Miner Saboteur is able to clear pretty much anything in the game due to the high damage output. Though, it can be considered a hard build to play for some simply because it's not really tanky due to how the passive tree is set up. On a trapper or miner build you should be happy with 5-6k hp, which in most cases is not enough for doing end-game content in hardcore leagues so stick to softcore if you're playing this build. It's quite popular for farming Atziri on day 1 and making loads of money from the drops because it requires no gear investment whatsoever due to the fact you one-shot through her phases.

Ancestral Warchief Totems

If you enjoy playing with Totems you're in luck because Ancestral Warchief builds are a very popular choice for new players. The build requires literally zero investment whilst being able to rush you through the leveling phase and farm maps with ease. In case you enjoy farming Uber Izaro for currency and don't want to run EQ or Cyclone then Ancestral Warchief is the perfect choice. Pulverize received a huge buff in 3.8 which makes this build stand out even more. Due to high damage and survivability, as well as being incredibly safe to play, you can't go wrong by going with the Ancestral Warchief Totem build be it on hardcore or softcore Blight.

Freezing Pulse Totems

Last on our list of the best PoE Blight builds is the Freezing Pulse Totem Hierophant. Freezing Pulse wasn't changed in the latest patch and it still performs relatively nicely in the current meta. With a few totems freezing everything in your way, it's a very safe build to play that can effectively freeze bosses such as Elder if you can achieve high enough damage. Viable for both hardcore and softcore Blight, ssf and trade league as well as being incredibly cheap to gear. If you're looking at a totem build, FP or AW are the strongest choices for Blight.


All of the PoE 3.8 Builds mentioned in this list of the best PoE Blight Builds will be able to carry you from early to end game quite easily, be it on a budget or pure solo-self found. Some of the most popular Blight builds from this list are: Baron Zombie Summoner, Poison Scourge Arrow, Frost Blades Raider, Ancestral Warchief Totems and Essence Drain Occultist. You can't go wrong by picking any of these builds even if you're a brand new player, and if you're looking to race in the Blight league then these builds will be solid as well. Zombie builds used to be ultra slow, but with the addition of the frenzy gem for zombies in Blight they're about to be a competitor to other high clear speed builds.

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