Best Path of Exile Royale Builds And Skills

July 16, 2021
by GamerDiscovery
Best PoE Royale Builds And Skills Path of Exile

The Path of Exile Royale game mode just came out and it will be possible to play it every weekend until the new league ends (approximately 3 months). It is an incredibly fun and fast-paced battle royale game mode that forces players to fight over loot and kill monsters to level up faster in order to obtain more skill points and make their own Royale builds. Even though classes are meaningless (everyone starts with the same skill tree, and can spec into anything found on it), some skill gems are performing much better and in this article you'll find out what the best PoE Royale builds & skill gems are. Some of these Path of Exile Royale skill gems have been reworked so that they are all available from levels 1 to 4, so you'll be able to use them from very early stages of the Royale match. We've also included the latest Royale patch notes for those wanting to keep up with the most recent Royale skill buffs & nerfs.

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Latest Royale Skill Changes (Patch 3.15.0e)

  • Ball Lightning now deals approximately 35% more damage to players and the damage against monsters has not been changed.
  • Blight's base damage over time has been reduced by 30%.The base duration of its damage over time debuff has been reduced from 2.5 seconds to 1.5 seconds. Blight now costs 3 mana at gem level 1, and 4 mana at gem level 3 (previously it cost 2 mana at gem level 1, and 3 mana at gem level 8).
  • Burning Arrow will proliferate ignites that you inflict upon your enemies, with a radius of 15. It now has 20-47% more damage with ignite at gem levels 1-10 (previously 0-18%).
  • Cobra Lash can chain an additional time at gem level 1. It now has a 60% chance to poison at all levels (previously 40%). The mana cost has also been reduced from 5 mana to 4 mana per cast.
  • The mana cost of Divine Ire has been increased to 3 (previously 1).
  • Explosive Arrow's flat damage of explosions has been reduced by 20% at all levels and it now deals 24% less damage to players.
  • Fireball's base radius has been increased by 3, and it gains additional 5-7 radius as the projectile travels further. Fireball also now has a 50% chance to ignite at all gem levels (previously 20-29% at gem levels 1–10).
  • Firestorm's base damage has been increased by 29% at all gem levels.
  • Heavy Strike now adds 4-6 melee strike range at gem levels 1-10 (it used to add only 2-3 melee strike range).
  • Ice Spear's base damage has been increased by 100% at all levels but it now deals 45% less damage to players.
  • Leap Slam now has +1.2 seconds to attack time (previously it was only 0.85 seconds).
  • Lesser Multiple Projectiles Support causes supported skills to deal 30-25% less damage (previously 15-10% less damage).
  • Rain of Arrows now deals 70% of base weapon damage at level 1 (previously 60%) with it doing 20% more damage to players as well.
  • Whirling Blades now has +1.5 seconds to attack time (previously it was only 0.5 seconds).

Royale Reap

Reap casts a scythe that swipes across a selected area, applying a physical damage over time debuff in addition to hitting enemies with physical damage. It has incredible area of effect and damage, while also being able to off-screen enemies very consistently. This places Reap into the highest tier of skills currently available in Path of Exile Royale.

Royale Reap build (skill tree nodes): Spellmaster, Mystical Expansion, Waking Dream, Thought Barrier, Spirit Draughts, Apprentice Battlemage, Lifelong Warrior, Gargantuan Impacts, Way of the Blade and Murderous Intent

Royale Divine Ire

Divine Ire is a channeling spell which shoots a very wide Phys/Lightning Beam on release. The AoE circle around the player during the channeling phase deals lightning damage which can shock, this makes it perfect to zone out most melee builds. The monster clear speed of this skill is excellent, but it gets countered by ranged bow builds because you have to stand still to ramp up the damage. This makes the skill a bit less overpowered than the others mentioned in this article, but it still outperforms most other skills which can place you in the top 10 quite consistently.

Royale Divine Ire build (skill tree nodes): Dynamism, Energy Well, Master of the Storm, Forceful Circuit, Unbearable Agony, Spellmaster, Mystical Expansion, Prestidigitation, Walking Dream. Thought Barrier, Elemental Adept and Cruel Voltage are also good if you've got excess points as these boost Divine Ire's damage even more due to critical hit modifiers.

Royale Lightning Arrow

Lightning Arrow becomes a great alternative to EA if you didn't get lucky enough to get one. While it is not as powerful early on, getting additional projectiles on it makes the skill very strong because it hits in a big area and players can't run away from the bolts of lightning that hit monsters around them. Shocking enemies gives this skill additional boosts to damage and a good physical damage bow is a must-have.

Royale Lightning Arrow build (skill tree nodes): Born for the Hunt, Distant Snipe, Accelerated Volley, Sly Shot, Feathered Arrows, Skilled Poacher, Frenetic Fighter, Dynamism, Elemental Adept, Master of the Storm and Cruel Voltage.

Royale Blight

Blight is currently one of the stronger PoE Royale abilities (even after the nerf) because it deals a lot of DoT damage, slows enemies and has huge AoE that can come in handy when you're fighting multiple opponents or clearing groups of monsters quickly for xp. On top of that, the skill is incredibly beginner friendly which makes it perfect for anyone looking to try out royale. This makes Blight an S tier skill that is among the most popular Royale Builds right now. Getting Blight early on in the game allows most players to snowball because they can farm monsters really quickly to get a considerable xp advantage. Blight synergizes really well with skills such as Essence Drain, Cold Snap and movement skills because such setup allows the player to hunt down opponents, or run away from tough fights.

Royale Blight build (skill tree nodes): Murderous Intent, Draining Glare, Venomous Ire, Debilitating Energy, Acquired Tolerance, Hardheaded and Pride of the Arena.

Royale Explosive Arrow

Explosive Arrow got nerfed a bit with the latest patch (24% less damage done to players) but it is still a pretty solid royale skill. In the early game, you're able to easily kill most opponents because you can stack two Explosive Arrows on them before they blow up, and two EA's deal about half of their health as damage. Middle and late game is when Explosive Arrow shines, due to a free additional projectile from Sly Shot and LMP gem you are able to shoot multiple EA's at once, which speeds through packs of mobs as well as enemy players because they aren't able to dodge them.

Royale Explosive Arrow build: Dynamism, Energy Well, Master of Immolation, Fanned Flames, Wildfire Emissary, Born for the Hunt, Distant Snipe, Sly Shot and Volcanic Blood.

Royale Frostbolt

Frostbolt casts a slow-moving projectile that pierces through all enemies and deals cold damage. Even though Frostbolt isn't as overpowered as some of the skills we mentioned above, it still performs quite well because it doesn't require specific gear to work. Though, getting LMP early on can snowball this build because you can zoom through packs to level up faster than most other players. Being able to freeze enemies in place is also one of its perks, of course.

Royale Frostbolt build (skill tree nodes): Dynamism, Spellmaster, Murderous Intent, Energy Well, Master of Winter, Punishing Gale, Icebind, The Untouchable, Born for the Hunt, Arrow to the Face, Sly Shot and Acquired Tolerance.

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