Best Season 3 Battlerite Champions

The Season 3 Patch Update introduced various changes to some of the popular champions from Season 2. Particularly Raigon and Oldur got nerfed quite a bit and this change will potentially shift the current Battlerite Meta as these two were played in almost every game.

If you are looking for the strongest Battlerite champions for Solo, 2V2, 3V3 Casual and Ranked games you’ve come to the right place! These champions are great for climbing the ladder in any Division: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum…and even Grandmaster.


Battlerite Season 3 Thorn

Thorn is a very hard champion to play but with an easy learning curve. He has an excellent spell kit for all situations; be it healing and protection, damage or stun locking and zoning an enemy he can do it all. The only issue with Thorn is that his skills take time to get used to and a Thorn that can’t aim is a useless Thorn.

Like most melee classes in Battlerite, Thorn doesn’t have much mechanical depth although his skills require good aim. He’s all about good decision making and being careful to engage only when your Space and E are available. Once you start hitting every LMB and E, he easily becomes one of the most powerful champions in the game.


Battlerite Season 3 Poloma

Poloma is one strongest support characters currently in the game. Poloma’s basic attack hits from a distance and she requires good positioning in order to be played best. Like all supports, Poloma heavily relies on her team to defend her while she does her magic. In fact, she is one of the supports that can output the highest amount of damage and healing at the same time. As such Poloma will do really well in the hands of a beginner and when played by higher ranked players she becomes a complete monster that can potentially carry games.


Battlerite Season 3 Varesh

Varesh has a very unique design and set of mechanics. This uniqueness does come at a cost: Varesh is extremely hard to learn because he has no mobility which means you will die within a second unless you position yourself well. He is not beginner friendly, although if you ‘click’ with him after some casual games, try him out in ranked. When Varesh is played well, he can control the battlefield and put out a disgusting amount of damage.


Battlerite Season 3 Ezmo

Ezmo is a mid-ranged DPS champion, he feeds on his opponent’s mistakes by bursting them down with not much effort. He offers your team great utility because he has spells that can weaken, give shields, root the enemy, heal in an area of effect and pull enemies from far away. Ezmo has huge amounts of damage and crowd control, but struggles when poked from a distance or when he gets focused while his escape skill is on cooldown.


Battlerite Season 3 Freya

Freya is a champion which is very good for beginners and veterans alike. She can be a complete game changer in hands of someone who plays Battlerite Ranked in the higher ELO’s. Freya has a great set of spells, a good movement/jump spell, reflect and an ultimate that completely nullifies the opponent. Freya is VERY beginner friendly.


Battlerite Season 3 Alysia

Alysia has a fun set of abilities that can put out tons of damage, freeze the enemy and completely destroy the enemy team. Of course in order to balance out her offensive side she has to have a weakness, and that is no presence of a movement spell. Safe positioning while playing Alysia and game sense are essential, when I teamed up with an Alysia we were able to beat our opponents 2v3 because she very strong. Alysia has a high learning curve and is very difficult to master, it is not advised to play her as a beginner champion.


Battlerite Season 3 Shifu

Shifu is pretty much one of the strongest melee champions in Battlerite because he has a ridiculously strong spell kit that offers him to easily react to any scenario he is put in. With a kit that offers a countering, incapacitation,  sustain and burst damage – as well as being able to pull his enemies and leap away there’s really no wonder why he’s remained in the top champions on the win-rate ladder. As we mentioned before, Shifu is a fairly forgiving champion, because of his variety of tools that can get him out of almost all bad situations.  That said, if Shifu’s exceptionally strong skills are not used properly he will get instantly KO’d, but if they are,  he will be an agony to fight against and in most cases 1v1 unbeatable.


Battlerite Season 3 Croak

Croak is undoubtedly one of the most challenging and hardest champions to fight against. His spell kit contains: Stealth, mobility, crowd control and high damage, all of which allow him to apply poison on him enemies which does disgusting damage when combo’d properly. A high skilled Croak will punish the smallest errors, but he is not particularly beginner friendly because you need to know the enemy champion skills (and how they work) because he heavily relies on dodging the enemy shots rather than tanking them.


Battlerite Season 3 Pestilus

Pestilus a very unique support champion because he has rather complex mechanics. He has a lot of utility in his kit which allow him to really outplay his opponents, and once you add in all of his strong battlerites, you’ll find that he has a very high skillcap but a huge potential to secure his team a victory. Pestilus has a high learning curve and should be practiced a lot before being played in ranked. Once mastered, he is one of the strongest supports you can play in a competitive setting.


Battlerite Season 3 Jade

As the one and only free champion in Battlerite, you might suspect Jade to be weak and not worth playing but it’s actually the opposite. With the recent changes, Jade has received some significant buffs that make her stronger than before. Jade is a highly effective ranged assassin in the right hands. She can put out a lot of burst damage at a high range and has nice ways of escaping the grasp of her opponent, which makes her an excellent beginner’s champion. She can have good crowd-control and survivability depending on how you setup her battlerites.


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