Best Squad Setups In World War Z

April 15, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
World War Z Best Squad Team Class Setups Character Compositions For Co Op Episode Missions Strongest Most Popular Survivor Group

World War Z is a difficult zombie game that relies on teamwork if you intend to win, therefore picking a viable and strong team is crucial to make your online games go smoother be it with your friends or other random players. There are 6 very different and unique characters in WWZ which allows for quite a few team combinations to be made. In this short World War Z guide we'll showcase the best 3 World War Z team compositions for online co-op missions.

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Gunslinger, Fixer, Hellraiser and Exterminator

The first and most powerful World War Z group setup features all high damage classes that can do immense amounts of AoE damage and crowd control. The main problem of Gunslinger, Hellraiser and Exterminator is that they rely heavily on ammo in order to clear hordes of zombies effectively. This is where the Fixer class comes into place, providing the team with extra ammunition and replenishing it whenever any ally asks for it. Due to no medic or close combat clear, this WWZ Squad setup may be hard to pull off as each player will have to be experienced and know the episode mission maps.

Slasher, Medic, Exterminator and Hellraiser

This is a very fun World War Z Squad setup as it will keep the zombie swarm fighting interesting due to all the close combat encounters that will be happening. The basic idea of this team setup is to be within close proximity of zombies and clear through waves of them whilst the Medic keeps you covered. With a team like this, the Slasher class will shine because Slashers have to be within melee range to make most of their Perks.

Fixer, Medic, Gunslinger and Hellraiser

Lastly, an all-round strong World War Z Squad setup that will be able to deal with pretty much anything the game has to offer. This is a very "basic" WWZ team composition which features Fixer as the ammo replenisher, Medic for heals, Gunslinger for suppressive fire and Hellraiser for strong AoE clear. Overall, if you're playing with friends for the first time, this squad composition is going to be your best choice until you all learn how to game works and which classes synergize well with others.

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