BSG just sent out an appreciation package to all EFT players

March 21, 2020
by GamerDiscovery
Escape from Tarkov EFT Appreciation Package How To Claim Free Loot From BSG

Battle State Games (owners of Escape from Tarkov) have just rewarded all of their playerbase with an "Appreciation Package" via the in-game messaging system. The Appreciation Package contains a variety of weapons, healing equipment, combat stimulants, keycards and armor.

How to claim the "Appreciation Package" items?

You can find the Appreciation Package message in your messenger tab under "System" notifications. There you can simply press "claim" to receive the contents of the appreciation package. As this was officially sent by BSG, you will not get punished for using or selling any of the free loot so enjoy these!

What's in the EFT "Appreciation Package"?

Escape from Tarkov EFT Appreciation Package Item Contents
  • 3x Grizzly First Aid Kit
  • 2x SJ1 TGLabs
  • 1x Adrenaline Injector
  • 1x SJ6 TGLabs
  • 5x TerraGroup Lab Access Keycard
  • 2x M4A1 (with attachments)
  • 1x AK-105 (with attachments)
  • 1x AKS-74UN (with attachments)
  • 2x EXFil Helmets
  • 1x Slick Plate Carrier (body armor)
  • 1x ARS Arma CPC Mod2 plate carrier (rig)

Overall, the Appreciation Package contents items worth around 2Mil Rubels if you decide to sell them on the Flea Market. This amount of money can be useful to a lot of new players for hideout upgrades or simply for more medium budget PMC builds.

How long can I wait until I claim the Appreciation Package?

You don't have to claim the Appreciation Package items right away, you'll be able to visit the System message again to claim the items if you don't take them right away.

Due to the high amount of people trying to log-in right now to claim their Appreciation Package in Escape from Tarkov the servers are temporarily down.

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