Command & Conquer PvP Rivals Best Army Decks

December 10, 2018
by GamerDiscovery
Command & Conquer C&C PvP Rivals Best Army Decks

In this Command & Conquer PvP Rivals Guide we're going to be covering a very important concept of the game and that is decks. Building your own deck is the key to victory, by testing certain deck compositions and finding out the best army card setups you’ll easily be able to climb the ranked competitive ladder and most importantly – deck building in card games is fun!

Table of contents

  1. Building a strong Deck
  2. Best C&C Decks
  3. Strongest GDI Decks
  4. Strongest NOD Decks
  5. Best Starter Deck

Building a strong deck

Your own deck building skills will become more and more important as the game goes on because the pool of cards will increase as you rank up and don’t forget that each rank has it’s own meta decks that work and don’t work for that ladder ranking.
The most important thing to note when you’re trying to build a deck is to cover all of the different types of units. Playstyle in C&C PvP Rivals is based on countering your opponent’s cards, meaning you need an answer to infantry, aircraft and you're in going to need an answer to vehicles so your deck needs to have some kind of counter card to each individual unit type otherwise your deck is going to have a weakness that can be exploited.
In the current meta you are almost certainly going to need a deck right now that deals with attack bikes because they are one of the strongest cards in the game. For instance so if your deck doesn't really deal with attack bikes very well it's probably not going to be that feasible in lots of matchups.
There are three main playstyles of decks: aggressive, ramp and mid-range flush specialist. Aggressive decks are mainly tier 1 and 2 units and its main objective is to control the first missile, if you lose the first missile your deck win condition kind of goes out the window and you look to close out the second missile with pure volume of numbers.
Ramp and tech decks have very expensive units in their roster and they often like to go to harvest at harvesters to accelerate that late-game, you don't need to worry about the first missile as much you're more turned about contesting the second and contesting and holding the third missile.
Next process in the deck design phase after you’ve picked your cards and playstyle is going out there and testing the latest deck because this is the only way that you're going to get real-time feedback about how your deck works.

Best Decks For All Leagues In The Current Meta

These meta decks are very strong deck choices that you guys can use for ranking up in Command & Conquer PvP Rivals. We're going to start with the best GDI decks and then later on the best NOD decks.


Best Aggressive Early Win Condition GDI DeckCommand & Conquer C&C PvP Rivals Best GDI Army Aggressive Card Deck

The best general for this particular deck is General Salomon, the four major cards that you need to use are Riflemen, Missiles Squad,  Pitbull and Predator Tank. The Sniper Team is mostly praised by high level players as it’s a really strong card but if you don’t have it you can replace it with either Rhino or Shockwave Troopers. You can also change your commander, lieutenant Strongarm is really good in the early game control and good in the mirror matchup and Jackson gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of what you want to do on the map. Solomon is really good vs tech heavy decks because the ion cannon can one-shot expensive units. The Talon can be switched out for a lot of things: Hammerhead against heavy air, M.L.R.S against heavy vehicle decks, Kodiak against heavy vehicles.

Best Mid Game GDI Tech DeckCommand & Conquer C&C PvP Rivals Best GDI Army Tech Card Deck

GDI Tech Deck this is the one that commander dr. Liang is useful in. There is really only two core units Missile Troopers and Shockwave Troopers because they can get you through the early game easily. A lot of people love running Titans right now though because of the very vehicle heavy META that is active right now in the latest C&C PvP Rivals patch. If you can get Titans out versus most aggressive decks they really don't have the tools to deal with them and they completely dominate from here on out any commander can work in this deck they all have different play styles but honestly dr. Liang is probably the most useful. All the other units you can swap in and out depending on what you are facing up against, for instance versus lots of air units you should aim to have zone troopers, versus lots of infantry you can have the Disruptor, versus lots of vehicles you can run the Kodiak.


Best Aggressive NOD DeckCommand & Conquer C&C PvP Rivals Best NOD Army Aggressive Card Deck

This deck is very aggressive, super early point control heavy and you really need to get that first point to win. This NOD deck has four core units: Militants, Laser Squad, Attack Bikes and Scorpions. This card setup gives you great mid game presence and a lot of things can be switched in and out on this depending on what you want to achieve. Commanders can be switched up, Jade a little bit like Solomon good at dealing with individual tech units in the late game, Cain gives you great 2nd point control with the obelisk of light and Oxanna gives you flexibility. Flame troopers can go in and out for Chemical Warriors especially when you're running Jade.

NOD Air Army Deck

Command & Conquer C&C PvP Rivals Best NOD Army Air Card Deck

This is the Air NOD deck and it’s a pretty straightforward deck, it works “out of the box” meaning there are not many replacements you can really do. This NOD deck is a double harvester deck which means you need to have that combo of the Laser Warriors and the Flame troopers to protect your early game. This is a great deck for climbing the ladder up to the Tiberium league.


Great deck if you just started playing and don't have a lot of the stronger cards.

The GDI starter deck is a really strong deck build for any beginner for climbing leagues: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and in some cases even Diamond if your cards are high enough in levels. The deck features Riflemen, Missile Squad, Rhino, Pitbull, Predator and the Wolverine. Wolverine is a lifesaver in certain situations because he's more of an endgame unit so be careful with them. Predator is also really strong and more or less the cookie cutter of this build.

If you have any questions about our Command and Conquer Decks Guide or know a great deck setup please leave us a comment below!

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