Crazy Sega PC Games Sale on Fanatical

July 11, 2018
by GamerDiscovery
PC Deals Sega Week e1531300378813

Fanatical's big sale event is focused on one of the biggest household name game companies - Sega. The Sega Week deals are live right now and feature a series of 24 hour deals spread out over the next couple of days. It is possible to find discounts of up to 90% off on a wide range of Sega-published games including Vanquish, Alien Isolation, Total War Warhammer and many more.
In addition to the huge amount of savings on various games, there will also be a series of 24-hour 'Star Deals', meaning a new game is being discounted to a new EVEN LOWER price at 4 PM each day this week.

Here are some highlighted deals from the Sega Week sale

  • Vanquish & Bayonetta for £8.99
  • Shenmue I & II for £19.99
  • Valkyria Chronicles Remastered for £5.09
  • Yakuza 0 for £11.99
  • Football Manager 2018 for £11.39
  • Space Marine Collection for £9.99
  • Endless Space 2 Collection for £14.99
  • Alien Isolation Collection for £8.04
  • Castle of Illusion for £3.39
  • Renegade Ops Collection for £3.24
  • Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed for £14.99
  • Binary Domain Collection for £3.73
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