Dauntless Fastest Leveling Hunt Season Pass Guide

June 4, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
Dauntless Fastest Way To Level Up Hunt Pass Season Five Level Points Grinding

The Dauntless season five hunt pass has been out for some time now and if you've bought it you'll probably want to reach the maximum (level 50) of the hunt pass as fast as possible. The speed at which you gather experience points for your hunt pass will vary mostly on the speed of the build that you're using as the less time it takes you to clear content, the more hunt pass experience points you will get.

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How to get experience points for the hunt pass?

There are currently three ways of getting points for your Hunt Pass in order to level it up in season 5.
The first one is really easy and simple-- all you have to do is gather the collectible daggers in Ramsgate (the city you spawn in). There are a total of 10 season 5 collectible daggers at different locations each day which you can gather in order to level up your Dauntless Hunt Pass. Each of these daggers will give you 5 points which sums up to 50 points per day.

The second way of leveling up your Hunt Pass in Dauntless is by doing weekly quests which will reward you a whopping 150 points each. By summing everything up, if you find the collectible dagger hunt every day and also clear the weekly quests, you'll get about 950 experience points for your Hunt Pass which will result in around 9 levels.

The third way of getting Hunt Pass points is to destroy Behemoth body parts. Whenever you destroy a Behemoth body part, there's a random chance that you will get an experience point for your Hunt Pass in season 5. The amount of points you get will vary from 6 to 30 depending on what difficulty Behemoth you're farming and the points are always a multiplier of 6.

From the Behemoth mastery if you have obtained the double Behemoth brake parts bonus, it will give you a chance to get double the points for the drop. In that case, if you're extremely lucky theoretically you can get a whopping 420 points per single Rezakiri Behemoth grind because he has seven parts.

Fastest Way To Level Up The Hunt Pass

After you've done the dagger collecting and finished the weekly quests, you'll want to choose a Behemoth farmer build that will allow you to farm parts quickly and kill behemoths in record time so that you maximize the hunt pass experience per hour. We've already made a Chain Blades Behemoth Farmer build on our website so check it out. Once you've got a loadout like that one, it would be wise to try to get Bladestorm and Sharpened Perks into that build but it'll work even without those.

The Behemoth that is best to farm for experience is the Heroic Ragetail Gnasher so this one is going to be your primary target for grinding. Gnasher has a chance to give you a total of 24 points per destroyed part and with that build you'll be able to kill him in around 3-4 minutes which will result in about 170 battle pass points (almost two levels). By guessing your average kill time for Gnasher is 4 minutes, that will mean you can kill him 15 times per hour, resulting in 300-1400+ points per hour which is can be 14 levels if you're lucky!

With this strategy, you'll level up your Hunt Pass to the maximum level of 50 in just a day.

A thing to note is that you should ALWAYS break the Gnasher's parts first before finishing him off in order to get more points. There's a total of 6 parts: Head, Tail, 2 arms and 2 legs.

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