Dauntless Tank Slayer Build Guide

June 4, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
Best Dauntless Tank Build Guide Strongest Defensive Sustain Leech Hunger Loadout DPS Lifesteal Setup

This Dauntless Tank build relies on the Hunger Exotic weapon which has a unique special effect which will grant you lifesteal and attack speed at the cost of some damage over time on your health. The effect synergizes really well with some key Perks like Tough and Energized which make this build viable. If you're one of those players that are bad at dodging and just want to tank hits whilst lifestealing and dealing damage, this Dauntless Tank Slayer Build is for you to try out!

The basic playstyle of this build is that you charge up the Hunger special and use it, once you're in the lifesteal mode go and slash your opponent into pieces. In case it runs out, charge it back up and make sure to dodge hits as you'll be pretty squishy with the Hunger special off.

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The Dauntless Tank Build loadout revolves around the "Hunger" Exotic weapon which you should pair with +3 Overpower Cell and +3 Energized Cell. For the mod you need to use the Adhesive Hilt as it will work great in this build since you're always going to be in special which will make you unstaggerable.



Light's Crown with +3 Cunning Cell and +3 Conduit Perk.

Body Armor

Gnasher Cloak with +3 Tough Cell and +3 Tough Perk.


Light's Refuge with +3 Cunning Cell and +3 Conduit Perk


Dance of the Swarm with +3 Overpower Cell and +3 Conditioning.


The Drask's Eye lantern is best in slot for this Dauntless Tank Build loadout because it will boost your damage which means you'll also be lifestealing a lot more. Embermane's could also be an okay choice but personally I would always run Drask's simply because it's better to deal higher damage hits with this type of a build.


This loadout achieves five Perks at maximum level and one on three which is as optimized as it gets with a Hunger weapon build. Conduit will increase you and your allies' attack speed, Cunning for critical chance and Overpower your damage against staggered behemoths. As mentioned previously, what makes this build really stand out are the Energized and Tough Perks because energized will let you charge up Hunger quicker and Tough will increase your overall defensiveness and sustain. The last perk is the level three one, Conditioning, which will grant you fifteen stamina regeneration.

Full Dauntless Tank Build Layout

Best Dauntless Tank Build Guide Strongest Defensive Sustain Leech Hunger Loadout DPS Lifesteal Setup Layout

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