Destiny 2 New Light Best Early Game Weapons

November 25, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
Destiny 2 New Light Best Weapons Easy To Get Guns Early In The Game 700 750 800 850 Gear Score

Destiny 2 New Light (free to play version of the game) features a whole lot of content that has over 300 weapons you can collect and try out. With such an abundance of weaponry, you're going to wonder which weapons to get first as you start out with 700-750 power (gear score). While a lot of the guns you get early will be fine for progression or PvP in the Crucible, it's always best to have the most powerful weapons so that you don't have issues passing the content this game has to offer. With that in mind, in this Destiny 2 New Light Weapons guide we'll be teaching you what are the best early game weapons that you can easily get as you start out in the game. All the weapons we feature in this article are suitable for beginners and they're solid even for players that own Forsaken and Shadowkeep DLCs.

How to get weapons

Weapons in Destiny 2 can be acquired from Quests, as drops from enemies and from Engrams. For those wondering, Engrams are orbs that sometimes drop, you pick them up and each contains an item (weapon or armor piece). You can also buy Engrams from some NPCs-- though this is not advised, unless you're around the 930+ power score and have resources to waste.

Tip-- you can buy an Exotic Weapon and Armor Piece from the XUR npc which spawns on a random location every week. The items he sells also reset once he spawns on a new location, so make sure to check him out if you've got 30+ Legendary Shards for an easy exotic.

Weapon types

There are three weapon types in Destiny 2 New Light: Kinetic, Energy and Power weapons. Each of these categories uses different ammo and features unique weaponry as no weapon is the same.

All the weapons in the game are divided into four categories by rarity: Uncommon, Rare, Legendary and Exotic. Your goal as a new player should be getting Rare and Legendary weapons as you won't have access to any Exotics until you reach about 800-850 power level.

Best Kinetic (Primary) weapons

Cuboid ARu is an excellent rare Automatic Rifle that will carry you through content until you've gotten the Misfit (if you prefer Auto Rifles).

Misfit is currently the best Destiny 2 New Light automatic rifle as it has a whopping 51 bullet magazine size and fires 720 rounds per minute but it occupies the second weapon slot.

Go Figure is a legendary pulse rifle that has 40 magazine size and it's a good alternative to Misfit if you like these types of guns.

Hand cannons are relatively bad for PvE content and I'd personally avoid them. Though, for PvP "Better Devils" can perform well.

Protostar CSu is a rare submachine gun which is powerful enough for PvE content until you've acquired one of the legendaries noted below.

Bug-Out Bag and Pillager are the best New Light legendary SMG's because of their excellent fire rate, reload speed and magazine size. When these guns have good perks on them they can be extremely powerful and my personal favorite was the Pillager until I've acquired the Misfit AR.

Best Energy (Special) weapons

The Riskrunner is my absolute favorite PvE weapon in New Light. This one is an Exotic but it's really easy to get you've just got to finished a couple of quests and you're done with it in less than an hour. This weapon is like an SMG and it's incredible because if an enemy shocks you, the gun doesn't need to be reloaded and it shoots lightning damage bullets that shock nearby enemies and deal damage. INCREDIBLE for Gambit monster clearing on some maps.

Subtle Calamity is the only Bow available to Destiny 2 New Light players, and it's of legendary rarity. You can acquire it from Legendary (purple) Engrams or as a random drop from monsters/Crucible PvP rounds. This bow is insane for PvP as it one-shots in most cases and if it drops with good perks you won't want to get rid of it. Though, it really is not that good in PvE so what I like to do is have Subtle Calamity for PvP and Riskrunner for PvE. The fastest way to get a bow in Destiny 2 New Light for me was doing bounties for tokens and then trading the tokens to NPC's which in return grant you a Legendary Engram-- which can drop you the Calamity Bow.

Badlander is the best Legendary Shotgun that's easy to get. If you don't have it yet, any rare shotgun will work great-- though shotguns are mainly used as energy weapons for shield depletion.

Fate Cries Foul is a legendary sniper rifle that performs well if you want one in the secondary weapon slot, it works well if you run a Grenade/Rocket launcher in the heavy weapon slot instead of a Fusion Rifle.

Best Power (Heavy) weapons

Crooked Fang-4FR is a legendary Linear Fusion Rifle and IMO it's absolutely busted if you're a free-to-play player. It's quite a common drop and you'll get more than a few of these during your early leveling and questing. It does incredible single target damage both to bosses and players in PvP (one-shots in Crucible and Gambit). If you love playing Gambit, this weapon is incredible because you can get the heavy ammo, invade enemy players and one-shot them one by one. The aiming is easy and it shoots extremely fast-- you'll rarely miss!

Zenobia-D is my personal favorite legendary Rocket Launcher (the other alternative being Omens). It has a high blast radius and it's excellent for PvE content such as bosses.

Edge Transit and Outrageous Fortune are the legendary Grenade Launchers which are both pretty common. Really any Grenade Launcher will be fine for PvE content but these are the most powerful ones.

Reginar-B and Plemusa-B are rare Grenade/Rocket Launchers that you'll 100% acquire as you just start out in the game. They will carry you fine until any of the above Legendaries drop.

We hope this list of the best early game 700-800 power score weapons has been useful to you. If you have any other information about which are the strongest New Light weapons for beginners that you should get, feel free to leave us a comment below.
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