Detailed Dota Auto Chess Candy Guide

March 11, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
Dota Auto Chess Detailed Candy Guide Autochess How To Buy And Best Way To Get Candy For Free Tips Tricks And Strategies

The Dota Auto Chess Candy is a form of in-game currency used in the Auto Chess custom games. The Autochess Candy can be acquired in two ways: by playing the game and getting Candy for free or buying it via third party markets (G2A, Amazon). In this Detailed Dota Auto Chess Candy Guide we'll teach you everything you need to know about the Candy Auto Chess currency.

What can I do with Auto Chess Candy?

Drodo Studio has implemented an in-game market where you can buy Couriers (basically player skins) for Auto Chess Candy. In order to have access to this market, you'll have to join a game first. After you're in a game, click on the "Courier Warehouse" icon (top left side of the screen, right hand side icon). Opening the Courier Warehouse you'll your Auto Chess Candy count, a box for placing bought Candy codes and sort of a "Courier Roulette". You can play the Courier Roulette for 40 Candy and it will give you a random Courier from its database of Couriers. Note that you can get duplicates, which are then used in the "Daily Courier deals" where you can trade a set of Couriers to get a custom, more rare one. The Daily Courier deals reset every 24 hours.

How to get Auto Chess Candy for free?

There is only one way to get Auto Chess Candy for free, and that's by playing the game. You can get a total of 10 Auto Chess Candy per day (the counter resets at the same time the Daily Courier deals does) and the amount of Auto Chess Candy you get from a game will vary. The only thing that seems to determine the amount of Candy you acquire from a game is the amount of players you've killed (and of course, you've gotta be in at least the top 3 to receive any Candy). For example, if you killed 5 players during your playtime and ended somewhere in the Top 3, you'll get 5 Candy. In case you killed just one player, and you're Top 1 (winner of the Auto Chess game) you'll get just one Candy. This seems to confuse players, as sometimes someone on the 2nd spot gets more Candy than the person that won and this is primarily the reason.
The fastest way to get Auto Chess Candy this way is to pick a powerful build and stick to it. Goblin armies in particular have very high win-rate and they are very easy to play, if you enjoy those, play them and you'll max out your daily amount of Candy in no time. In case you brainlessly spam chess pieces that have no synergy, you'll often find yourself dying before Top 3 and getting no candy at all.

How to buy Auto Chess Candy?

Even though Drodo Studio have disabled their Ebay market for Candy codes, there are still some third party sellers offering them on Amazon and G2A. I haven't tested the Amazon offers but I've bought a pack from G2A and it worked. From G2A, you can buy 40 Candy for 4€, along with some bigger Candy packs as well.

Hopefully you've found this Detailed Auto Chess Candy Guide useful, if you have any other questions feel free to leave us a comment below!
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