Dofus best Huppermage builds

July 1, 2018
by GamerDiscovery
Dofus huppermage

In this guide I will aim to give you an in depth idea of what the different Huppermage elements can achieve, where this class excels, how to build it and the roles that can be used to achieve easy victory in Dofus.
Characteristic Points
IntelligenceIntelligence. The intelligence Hupper has some really powerful Fire spells in its arsenal. Ember having one of the highest damage numbers in the game paired with Burning Stroke's lifesteal makes the Intelligence Huppermage a solid pick, especially for the early levels.
StrengthStrength. The Strength Hupper is medium ranged with some spells that can only hit from a certain distance. This makes the Str Huppermage kinda limited and the Earth spells aren't really special.
AgilityAgility. The Agility Hupper is one of the strongest low level PvPers but starts to scale down later. The Agi Huppermage has very low AP spell costs making it a very nice build when paired with another element.
 ChanceChance. The Chance Hupper is the best late game build in my opinion. It deals crazy amount of damage and with Chance items generally being cheap is a perfect build for beginners. The only downside of the Cha Huppermage is that all spells are really close Ranged. The spell that makes the Chance Hupper stand out is Glacier which hits like a truck and steals health from your enemy.

Dofus (PC)

Full Int Huppermage

Unless stated otherwise get vitality overmaged on all gear pieces.

Low Level (~60)

Dofus Caracap
Dofus Turkocape
Dofus Cherry Amublop
Dofus Cherry Bloopts
Dofus Cherry Blop Belt
Dofus Cherry Blop Ring
Dofus Sponghield
Dofus King's Staff
Dofus Omerta Ring

This set is very budget friendly, if you don't like the minus resistance from the Blop set there are other, more expensive alternatives.

Caracap for the AP.

Turkocape for 5 MP because MP is very important when playing Hupper.

Cherry Amublop.

Cherry Bloops.

Cherry Blop Belt.

Cherry Blop Ring.


Kings' Staff, replace for God Rod if you want more AP although I'd rather swap the Ring for a Gelano.

Omerta Ring, replace this for a Gelano if you want more AP.
The best Trophies for the Low level Intelligence Huppermage set: Minor Scholar, Minor Survivor, Twitcher, Silver and Cawwot Dofus. The best mount for this set is a Seemyool but you can also get one of the Orchid Dragoturkeys or even a Brulay.

Mid level (90~110)

Dofus Feudala Hat
Dofus Feudala Cloak
Dofus Gelano
Dofus Treechnid Shield
Dofus Limbo Wand

Upgrading the old set becomes light on your budget, letting you save Kamas for the High level set which is quite expensive.
Upgrade your Cherry Blop Set into the Royall Morello Cherry Blop set.

Feudala Hat is a very cheap Int hat that does it's job. If you want more AP keep the Caracap.

Feudala Cloak, you can replace it for the Powerful Dazzling Cloak if you want more AP.

Gelano, get a MP one if you can afford to. Then you can use Jackanapes for 11 AP if you're not running Caracap and Powerful Dazzling cloak.

Treechnid Shield until you can get the Inn Shield or Earth Dial.

Limbo Wand is BiS for the Intelligence Huppermage.
The best Trophies for the Mid level Intelligence Huppermage set: Scholar, Survivor, Dokoko, Dynamo, Twitcher and Jackanapes if you get a MP Gelano. The best mount for this set is a Seemyool.

High level (160~199)

Dofus Gelano
Dofus Limbo Wand
Dofus Inn Shield
Dofus Drhossil Boots
Dofus Nekochief
Dofus Obsidemon Cloak
Dofus Obsidemon Ring
Dofus Pants Fordamemory
Dofus Ush's Collar

This set is very expensive, it's an investment that is totally worth it because you can use this set/pieces of it up until level 200. 

Gelano with an MP is optional, though I'd say essential when playing Huppermage.

Limbo Wand.

Inn Shield.

Drhossil Boots or Soft Oak Boots if you want more resistances.

Nekochief, BiS.

Obsidemon Cloak.

Obsidemon Ring.

Pants Fordamemory.

Ush's Collar.
The best Trophies for the High level Intelligence Huppermage set: Shaker, Nomad, Major Intellectual, Major Survivor, Major Scholar and Crimson Dofus. Best mount is a Brulay if you get Vitality overmaged on all of your set pieces.

End game (lvl 200)

Dofus Belteen
Dofus Queen of Fate Boots
Dofus Steelymace
Dofus Merdiodon Cloak
Dofus Nomarow Helmet
Dofus Nomarow Ring
Dofus Hairsh Bracelet
Dofus Stalak Shield
Dofus Treadfast Amulet

The End Game Intelligence Huppermage build is very powerful with the right equipment. Your main goal should be making all the gear pieces have perfect stats. If you can't afford a piece, there should be plenty alternatives.

Belteen is definitely best in slot, you can run a Jolly Good Belt if you can't afford the Belteen.

Queen of Fate Boots give Critical damage which is quite useful as this build does Crit a lot.

Steelymace, can be swapped for Shorpoon or any other Fire weapon if you want to.

Merdiodon Cloak. Gives you 11th AP. It is pretty much BiS due to giving us AP and Intelligence.

Nomarow Helmet.

Nomarow Ring.

Hairsh Bracelet. MP Exo will give you 6 MP.

Stalak Shield is essential because it gives you Critical Resistance, Dodge and Ranged Damage but Four-Leaf Shield is also an option.

Treadfast Amulet is really good. Buy one that has the -Critical Resistance maged off.
The best Trophies for the End game Intelligence Huppermage set: Crimson Dofus, Turquoise Dofus, Major Intellectual, Major Scholar, Major Vigour and Major Survivor. Best mount for this set is definitely a Seemyool.

Hybrid Cha/Agi Huppermage

The Cha/Agi Huppermage doesn't have very good gear options early game therefore I advise you just play full INT or CHA depending on your playstyle.

End game (lvl 200)

Dofus Staruman Belt
Dofus Quartzovski Crystal
Dofus Captain Amakna Shield
Dofus Daguanos
Dofus Kideebonnet
Dofus Queen of Thieves Boots
Dofus Cushtycloak
Dofus Hairsh Bracelet
Dofus Bearbaric Wedding Ring

Focus on getting perfect stats on your items and then overmage vitality or exo resist.

Staruman Belt.

Quartzovski Crystal.

Captain Amakna Shield fits this build nicely due to the high Critical chance it has.


Kideebonnet is a very popular Chance item, the AP bonus on it is awesome.

Queen of Thieves Boots.


Hairsh Bracelet.

Bearbaric Wedding Ring, try to get an Exo on it.
The best Trophies for the End game Hybrid Agi/Cha Huppermage set: Major Luckster, Major Stunter, Shaker, Nomad, Turquoise Dofus and Crimson Dofus. The best mount for this set is either a Seemyool or the Ebony/Indigo Dragoturkey.

Omni Huppermage

The multi element Huppermage is really strong because he can exploit the weakest enemy Resistances to deal high damage. This set is not crazy expensive but scrolling all stats is, and you really need to scroll stats if you want your Character to be strong.

End game (lvl 200)

Dofus Belteen
Dofus Treadfast Amulet
Dofus Treadfast Boots
Dofus Father Whupper Ring
Dofus Creaking Tree Hat
Dofus Ilyzaelle Shield
Dofus Kapmeba
Dofus Peccary Blade
Dofus Hairsh Bracelet

Belteen is BiS for any End game power builds.

Treadfast Amulet.

Treadfast Boots.

Father Whupper Ring.

Creaking Tree Hat is IMO a very underrated hat.

Ilyzaelle Shield makes us tankier whilst providing more Melee damage with no downsides to Ranged damage.

Kapmeba is not commonly used but a very nice item.

Peccary Blade gives one Range and a lot of Power, great weapon.

Hairsh Bracelet is just pure awesomeness for this build.
The best Trophies for the End game Omni Huppermage set: Major Vigour, Major Powerhouse, Major Miracle Man, Crimson Dofus, Nomad and Shaker. The best mount for this set is a Karmeleon or Armored Dragoturkey.

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