Dota 2 Auto Chess Lose Streak Strategy Guide

April 18, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
Dota 2 Auto Chess Lose Streak Strategy Guide Autochess Losing Tips And Detailed Pro Tricks

How well you do in Dota 2 Auto Chess depends on two major things: RNG and player skill. As we can't impact the first thing, we surely can help you work on the player skill category. The Lose Streak strategy in Auto Chess is very popular because it pretty much removes the "RNG" aspect of the game for the first 10 rounds and gets you a guaranteed high economical advantage over other players which will let you snowball later on. In this Dota 2 Auto Chess Lose Streak Strategy Guide we'll teach you how to execute the losing streak strategy properly like all the Pro players do and maximize your win rate in Auto Chess. This losing streak trick was thoroughly tested and will work in most ranked divisions, from Pawn to Bishop.


Dota 2 Auto Chess has a couple of key features that allow players to acquire more Gold and ultimately get a better economy than other players. At the moment, those are: Lose Streak, Win Streak, Gold per Win and Interest Bonus. Every time you win a round you will gain an additional Gold for it. The Interest Bonus on the other hand, will grant you one bonus Gold for every 10 Gold that you have at the beginning of a round (10,20,30,40,50 max) meaning that someone on 50 Gold will get a whopping 5 Bonus Gold at the start of a round-- this grants players a huge economical advantage and someone who gets to 50 Gold quickly will often finish in the Top 3 if played properly. Lastly, the Lose and Win Streak bonuses. For every Lose or Win Streak you are going to gain up to +3 additional gold at the beginning of a round. Win Streaks early on are really hard to get if you intend to work on your economy (and you should) so if the RNG Gods don't bless you, you often won't be on a win streak till later on in the game. This is where the Lose Streak kicks in, it's used as a way to get a player back in the game and Pro players have discovered a way of using it to their advantage.

Tip - you can check the Lose/Win Streak Bonuses and Interest by hovering over the Gold in the top right side of your screen.

So what's the best way to be on a losing streak?

With the lose streak strategy, your goal is going to be reaching 50 Gold as quick as possible. This is done by not buying or placing any units on your board after round 3. Why exactly round 3? That's because the first three rounds of every Dota 2 Autochess match are versus NPC Monsters that WILL NOT alter nor contribute to your Win/Lose Streak. Many players don't know this and they start going on the lose streak too early and that's not good!

Losing the first three rounds will result in you losing 8-10 Health and not dropping any items-- which is not good because these losses won't count towards the lose streak count.

Therefore, the best lose streak strategy is to just buy random chess piece units the first three rounds and place them on the board so that you always win the first three battles. Before the fourth round starts (versus a player) make sure to sell ALL your chess pieces, you should be at 10 Gold after doing so-- immediately giving you +1 Interest Gold the next round. By losing a couple of fights, you'll quickly advance to +2 Lose Streak (which will grant you 2 bonus gold, and also don't forget the Interest Bonus as well).

Gold Checkpoints

Round 4 - 10 Gold
Round 5 - 16 Gold
Round 6 - 22 Gold
Round 7 - 30 Gold
Round 8 - 39 Gold
Round 9 - 40+ Gold
Round 10 - 50+ Gold

If you played the lose streak strategy properly, these are the amounts of Gold you should have at certain rounds. As you can see, at round 10 you're already at 50 Gold which is awesome. At this point, most players will be around 30-40 Gold which will give you a slight advantage that will become higher and higher through each round.

Round 8 is when the fun starts...

Once you reach 39 Gold you should start spending it on Chess Pieces (but be careful, DO NOT go below 30 Gold). Buy any Chess Pieces that are strong and which you might be able to upgrade to level 2 relatively quickly-- as you main goal is to have a somewhat functional team by the start of Round 10 versus the NPC Golem Monsters (but this isn't the case most of the time and it's fine). A thing worth mentioning is that the units you actually buy now you should be placing them on the board in order to try and minimize the amount of damage enemies do to you. In most cases you'll get lucky and manage to kill a level 1 unit or two, which will save you a couple of health points. At Round 9 you should aim to be at 40 Gold. After the ninth round ends, you'll be on 50+ Gold and if you weren't lucky with Chess Piece rolls then you still wont stand a chance versus the Golems, though if you're lucky you might kill one or two. Worst case scenario is that they will deal 6 Damage to you, which is not that bad as you'll still be at around 60%. Moving on, after Round 10 you'll quickly advance to +3 Losing Streak which will grant you even more Gold. At this point the total Gold gain per round (if you lose) will be 13-- which is huge!

Once you reach the 50 Gold checkpoint, start looking around on the map and see which builds your enemies are going for. In the video example I checked enemy builds and saw that nobody was heavily invested in Knights so I started buying any Knights I stumbled upon. Once you can make some synergies happen, make sure to sell the old level 2 or 1 units that don't contribute to your overall team composition.

Thirteen extra Gold per round is plenty to buy powerful units and do a couple of re-rolls, your ultimate goal at this point is to get a full squad of level 2 units ASAP. The best time to start winning is around Round 13-14 and at the point of Round 15 you should be able to completely wipe out the NPC Wolves (although if one or two survive it's ok).

So from now on, keep getting units and reroll/level up but don't go below 50 Gold unless you have to! Say you have 2 Dragon Knights and need a third one for a level two DK, that's fine if you go below 50 Gold for it but otherwise if the units available in the shop won't contribute to your team it's best to lock them for the next round when you receive Gold to spend. If you've executed the lose streak strategy properly, you should have a nice win streak (which will grant you bonus gold) at this point and completely snowball your enemies. In the Dota 2 Auto Chess Lose Streak Strategy video I recorded, I was on a +3 Losing Streak until Round 13. After that, I made sure that I kept winning rounds and I was on a Win Streak quickly, reaching up to +3 Win Streak Bonus Gold. My win streak had continued for about 10 Rounds after that, netting me a huge advantage in the economy department. At the end, on Round 37, I won and I was on a whopping 70 Gold advantage over the person that was on the second spot.


Since the Lose Streak Strategy is not RNG gated like Win Streaking (early on) is, you're pretty much guaranteed to be in a huge economical Gold advantage over the other players. This makes the losing streak an extremely useful trick to win more games as it's really easy to make it work, making it a great strategy for winning games and farming your daily Candy if you're a new player. Of course, this strategy will work even in higher ELO games and feel free to modify it to your needs but as of now this seems to be the best one to try.

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