Dota Underlords Best Assassin Build

July 6, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
Dota Underlords Best Assassin Build Guide Strongest Meta Team Composition

Dota Underlord Assassin builds are very powerful because the (9) Assassin synergy lets them literally one-shot enemy units and just delete whole teams within a few seconds after round start. Though, they're incredibly squishy but that's to be expected with an Assassin build. Every start of a round Assassins will jump on the farthest enemies on the board, effectively skipping enemy front line and going for the carries which makes them a great build of choice for new players. In this Dota Underlords Assassin Build guide we'll be showcasing the best possible Assassin team composition that'll carry you during all stages of the game.

Assassin Team Buffs

(3) Assassins → all Assassins gain a 10% Chance to critically strike for an additional 300% damage.
(6) Assassins → all Assassins gain a 20% Chance to critically strike for an additional 400% damage.
(3) Assassins → all Assassins gain a 30% Chance to critically strike for an additional 500% damage.

Early Game

Assassin builds in Dota Underlords are very easy to play because you're basically just buying ALL Assassin units that you stumble upon in your shop until late game. Position all your Assassins in one line so that all of them jump on approximately one enemy unit to maximize the kill efficiency of your Assassin build. This particular Assassin early game build consists of: Bounty Hunter, Morphling, Phantom Assassin, Queen of Pain, Sand King and Viper but feel free to place in Slark, Templar Assassin or Bloodseeker. It all depends on what rank units you've got and your item setup.

Save up your Gold and don't reroll too much as you need to have a strong economy for buying experience and leveling up.

Mid Game

Nothing much happens during the middle game, your goal is to still accumulate and upgrade Assassins whilst also spending any Gold higher than 50 to level up. Additionally, place all your items on Heroes. Your main hyper carries are going to be Phantom Assassin, Queen of Pain and Templar Assassin.

Late Game

During the late game you have to make the push for level 9 in order to place your last Assassin unit on the board and reap the benefits of (9) Assassin synergy. Having nine Assassins will be really strong and you shouldn't have any issues beating other players at this point if all your units are upgraded to at least level 2 (Tier 1 units should preferably be level 3 at this point in the game).

As you hit level 10, place either Tidehunter or Treant Protector on the board depending what level you have them on-- Tidehunter will work fine even if he's level 1 as all he has to do is use his ultimate to provide your team with enough CC to auto-win games. On the other hand, if you plan on placing in Treant Protector at level 10, only do so if he is Rank 3 as he won't be tanky enough otherwise.

Recommended Items

Scatter all High Damage/Attack Speed items on your Assassins and a tank item onto Treant Protector. Tidehunter should get Refresher Orb if you have one, otherwise place a high health boost item on him as well for the time being.

Strongest Assassin Team Comp With Expanded Roster

If you manage to expand your roster to 11 Heroes then place in either a Tidehunter or Treant Protector depending on which one you were missing earlier. Tidehunter will give you (2) Scaled synergy which helps versus Mages and he also has a strong ultimate. On the other hand, Treant Protector will be a strong front line tank that will soak quite a bit of hits as well as provide your Phantom Assassin and Templar Assassin with additional Evasion from (3) Elusive.

We hope you have found our Dota Underlords Assassin Build guide useful, if you have, remember to share it around!
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