Dota Underlords Best Knight Build

July 6, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
Dota Underlords Best Knight Build Guide Strongest Meta Team Composition

Knights are a very popular build, especially among those that have been playing Autochess and then moved to Dota Underlords. The Knights in Underlords are a bit different though, instead of having the chance to gain a shield, they always gain a % damage reduction. On top of that, if you position them correctly you can effectively double their damage reduction which makes Knights absolute beasts when it comes to tanking damage. Even though Knights are essentially tanks, a well geared Luna and Dragon Knight will easily carry the whole team. In this Dota Underlords Knight Build guide we're going to teach you how to make the best Knight team composition and position them correctly if you're a new player.

Knight Team Buffs

(3) Knight units take 25% less physical and magic damage at all times. In case the Knight is standing one cell away from another Knight, he also gains an additional 25% Damage reduction.

(6) Knight units take 35% less physical and magic damage at all times. In case the Knight is standing one cell away from another Knight, he also gains an additional 30% Damage reduction.

Early Game

Knights are incredible in the early game because you only need three of them to get the Knight synergy going. The Knights are also available at low levels which means you won't have any problems acquiring at least three of the Knight heroes. Luna, Chaos Knight and Omniknight are going to be your main damage dealers in this early lineup.

Luna has a unique passive which will allow her basic attack to bounce to multiple targets, Chaos Knight has the Demon (1) bonus and Omniknight heals in an aoe whilst also dealing high damage. The last two units in a level five lineup that you should acquire are Batrider and Abaddon. Even though you don't get the (6) Knight synergy at level 5, it's still very much worth it to run give Knights simply because the synergy buff works on all of them and it's really strong in the early game when others already lack damage.

Recommended Items

Mask of Madness on Luna, Attack speed/Damage item on Batrider and tank items on other Knights. Gearing these heroes is not particularly hard since each one of them has a special role in your team.

Mid Game

During middle game your main goal for the Underlords Knight build is to acquire Dragon Knight for the (6) Knight synergy bonus. With the early game comp you should have had no problems winning games and possibly being on a win streak. Saving up enough Gold and having high Interest will prove crucial now as you need to buy experience to level 6/7 and roll for Dragon Knight asap. If you don't manage to get Dragon Knight during this stage of the game then you're most probably going to lose as Knights kind of fall off during the mid game in Underlords as you probably won't have many of them upgraded either.

The core of the mid game Underlords Knight build are: Abaddon, Batrider, Chaos Knight, Luna, Omniknight and Dragon Knight. Once you reach level 7 you can put Witch Doctor in for the extra crowd control effects from his ultimate and the (2) Troll synergy.

Don't forget to rebuild your economy after rolling for Dragon Knight because you'll need it during late game to upgrade units and rush Warlocks.

Recommended Items

Same items loadout as before and on top of those you can also place Refresher Orb on Witch Doctor & something like Heart of Tarrasque on Dragon Knight so he doesn't die instantly when he gets enough mana to transform into a Dragon.

Late Game

As you start reaching the end-game your main goal is to level up as much as possible and start rolling for Warlock units. Necrophos, Enigma and Disruptor are all higher Tier units which are harder to obtain, and even harder to upgrade to rank 2 and above. The full level 10 Knight build goes as follows: Abaddon, Batrider, Chaos Knight, Luna, Omniknight, Dragon Knight, Witch Doctor, Enigma, Necrophos and Disruptor. This exact Knight team comp will grand you (2) Heartless, (6) Knight, (2) Troll, (1) Demon, (2) Human and (4) Warlock synergies which will make your board extremely hard to beat, especially due to the extra sustain from Warlocks.

Recommended Items

Items remain mostly the same as in the previous stages of the game. Since your team has healing from Warlocks now, you can safely swap MoM from Luna and place another much stronger high damage/attack speed item on her. Mana or defensive items are fine for Enigma, Necrophos and Disruptor. As for Tidehunter, you'll definitely want a Refresher Orb on him.

Strongest Knight Team Comp With Expanded Roster

If you reach level 10 and also get an Expanded Roster item for Team Size 11 you can place Tidehunter in for the much needed crowd-control effects during late game. A single Tidehunter ultimate can turn the fights heavily in your favor.

If you've found this Dota Underlords Knight Build guide useful, please share it around and leave us a comment below with any questions about the Knight team composition!
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