Dota Underlords Best Troll Build

July 6, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
Dota Underlords Best Troll Build Guide Strongest Meta Team Composition

Trolls are a very fun build to play in Dota Underlords because you can achieve their maximum team synergy as soon as you're level 4-5 depending on whether you get Troll Warlock early or not. The Trolls grant themselves and allies a lot of bonus attack speed which synergizes really well with most builds but in this Dota Underlords Troll Build guide we'll be teaching you the best Troll team composition that will let you rank up easily and win games more often even as a beginner.

Troll Team Buffs

(2) Trolls → all Troll units gain +35 Attack Speed bonus
(4) Trolls → all Troll units gain +65 Attack Speed bonus and all non Troll units gain +30 Attack Speed bonus

Early Game

Trolls have a very strong early game because you can effectively get three of them at level one in the shop. The kind of risky and tricky part is getting the Troll Warlord though, because he's a Tier 4 unit so you'll need to level up to get him in your shop. The best early strategy is to run Batrider, Shadow Shaman and Witch Doctor along with Beastmaster as the front line to soak some of the hits. You'll probably lose quite a few fights but it's okay as it'll make your economy stronger due to the bonus gold you gain from lose streaking.

Make sure to also save up Gold for additional interest and then level up & roll for Troll Warlord once you've got enough. Batrider, Shadow Shaman, Witch Doctor, Troll Warlord and Beastmaster will be a very strong team composition at level five and you'll quickly switch from loss streaking to win streaking.

Recommended Items

Mask of Madness is absolutely best in slot for Troll Warlord as he'll still gain his passive ultimate buff whilst getting lifesteal and even more attack speed. Place any tank item onto Beastmaster as you'll need him to survive as long as possible.

Mid Game

During middle game your goal is to build more Hunters onto the Troll core-- note, you can also play Troll & Warriors instead, it's mostly preference as both are good choices although Hunters are much stronger in the late game and will most definitely give you a free win if you get all six. The core mid game Trolls are Batrider, Shadow Shaman, Troll Warlord and Witch Doctor. You can then get any three Hunters, though Beastmaster is a great choice for the front line, as well as Medusa for freezing the enemies in place. Additionally, if you have another Mask of Madness run Drow Ranger and place it on her, otherwise any other Hunter will work just as fine.

Recommended Items

One Mask of Madness on Troll Warlord and another one on Drow Ranger if you have two. Refresher's Orb on Medusa and a tank item on Beastmaster. Brooch of the Agressor and Arcane Boots are good choices for Shadow Shaman and Witch Doctor as well.

Late Game

This Troll build is ridiculously overpowered during late game if you can get a build like this one. Hunters and Trolls synergize really well with each other and your Hunters will be doing high amounts of damage & bursting enemies down before they even get to you. Tidehunter and Medusa are also very strong in this comp because they offer high amounts of crowd-control as well as the bonus magic resistance which is helpful versus mage comps. With the base late game crew: Batrider, Shadow Shaman, Troll Warlord, Witch Doctor, Beastmaster, Drow Ranger, Medusa, Sniper, Tidehunter and Windranger you'll gain (4) Troll, (6) Hunter and (2) Scaled synergy buffs. In the event you don't get lucky by level 10 and land a Tidehunter, you can always put Mirana on the board until you do.

Troll Crew Positioning

Always position this build in the left or right side corner. Beastmaster, Tidehunter & Disruptor in the front line, with Batrider, Shadow Shaman, Witch Doctor, Troll Warlord and Medusa one cell behind them. All other Hunters should be placed in the farthest cells of a corner.

Recommended Items

If you think that you need the Lifesteal, keep MoM on Troll Warlord, otherwise any other high damage item such as Daedalus is very good on him. Place any DPS items you get onto the Hunters, with the exception of Refresher Orb being on the Tidehunter. Beastmaster and Disruptor should have the best possible tank items you can get to let them survive for longer.

Strongest Troll Team Comp With Expanded Roster

In case you can get Expanded Roster which will raise your Team Size unit cap to 11 (+1) you can put in Disruptor as he'll grant your team (2) Warlock and (2) Brawny, as well as the much useful silence from his ultimate.

We hope you've found our Dota Underlords Troll Build guide useful and found your favorite Troll team composition for both ranked and casual games. If you have any additional questions leave us a comment below!
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