Energy Blade Build Guide Path of Exile

October 21, 2021
by GamerDiscovery
3.16 Energy Blade Build Guide Lightning Strike Inquisitor Path of Exile PoE

Energy Blade is a new lightning spell that was added in the Scourge league update. It grants a buff which lowers your maximum energy shield in order to transform equipped weapons into swords that gain lightning damage based on a percentage of your energy shield. The skill has a really interesting concept but you'll need to use an actual attack skill such as Lightning Strike or Spectral Throw to make use of it. In this PoE 3.16 Energy Blade Build guide we'll be teaching you the best passive skill tree choices, ascendancy nodes, pantheons, gem links and what to look for in gear as well as how to level the build.

Table of contents

  1. Pros and Cons
  2. Passive Skill Tree
  3. How to level this build
  4. Ascendancy
  5. Bandit choice
  6. Gem links
  7. Equipment
  8. Pantheon

Energy Blade and where to get it

Energy Blade Stats level 20 skill gem

To get Energy Blade, you'll have to purchase it from Clarissa by the Templar, Shadow, Witch or Scion after completing the Lost in Love which is at the start of Act 3.

Pros & Cons

✔ Decent clear speed
✔ Great single target damage
✔ Can be used while leveling
✔ Good delver
✖ A bit too squishy for hardcore
✖ Can be very expensive to min-max and achieve high damage

Lightning Arrow Build Passive Tree

PoB skill tree link for the Energy Blade Lightning Strike Build:
This Energy Blade Build features 170% increased life, 112% increased energy shield, an insanely high critical chance and a lot of crit multiplier.

To see the skill tree and all the gear data, download Path of Building community fork and go under import/export, in the import section press import from website and paste in the above mentioned link. This will load the whole Energy Blade character including all the skill gems, equipment and passive tree nodes.

How to level the Energy Blade Build?

Start by leveling with any melee early game skill such as Frost Blades or Splitting Steel until you reach level twelve (around Merveil). Take Lightning Strike at level 12 as this is going to be your main skill. Link it to Onslaught, Added Cold and Added Lightning damage. Look to replace Onslaught and Added Cold with Faster Attacks and Elemental Damage with Attacks at around level 18.

Once you've reached a bit higher level, look towards getting gems and the support links mentioned in the Gem links section below.


This Energy Blade Lightning Strike build is based off of Templar, and since this is a crit build the best ascendancy for it is the Inquisitor. Inquisitor grants the build a lot of increases to damage and critical hit, as well as regeneration and a lot more.

Ascendancy progression: Righteous Providence (Normal Lab), Inevitable Judgement (Cruel Lab), Sanctuary (Merciless Lab), Pious Path (Uber Lab).

Bandit choice

Helping Alira for the additional critical hit multiplier, resistances and mana regeneration.

Main Skill
Lightning Strike - Multistrike - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Increased Critical Damage- Inspiration - Added Lightning Damage

Enlighten, Discipline, Blood and Sand, Herald of Ice

Movement skill
Leap Slam - Faster Attacks - Fortify

Totem support
Ancestral Protector - Ancestral Warchief - Faster Attacks - Multiple Totems

Frenzy charge generation and golem choice
Blood Rage - Increased Duration, Summon Stone Golem

Power Charge Generation
Storm Brand, Increased Critical Strikes, Power Charge on Critical


One-handed sword

Rare Helmet with life, evasion, resistances and high evasion. Later on try to get Crown of the Inward Eye.

Body Armor slot should be a five/six link evasion rare chest piece with life, energy shield and resistances.

Rare Rings with life, energy shield. elemental resistances, increased elemental damage with attacks.

Amulet with high life, energy shield, resistances and intelligence (high INT is needed for gem requirements).

Rare Gloves with 80+ life, energy shield, attack speed, evasion, added elemental damage to attacks and high resistances.

Rare Boots with 30% movement speed, high life, energy shield and resistances.

Rare Belt with high Life, Energy Shield, Resistances and Elemental Damage with Attack Skills.

Flasks: Divine Life Flask, Diamond Flask, Sulphur Flask, Bottled Faith (Sulphur Flask) and Silver/Quicksilver Flask.


Soul of the Brine King is the primary Pantheon of choice because of the ability to avoid being stun-locked and permafrozen (with the upgraded version).

The secondary Pantheon slot is versatile and will depend on what kind of content you're looking to do. For example, Soul of Ryslatha is excellent for Uber Lab trials & the labs runs themselves. For general mapping I'd go with Soul of Ralakesh.

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