Fortnite Quadcrusher Guide

October 16, 2018
by GamerDiscovery
Fortnite Quadcrusher Guide

The Update v6.10 just launched along with some new content such as the Fornite Quadcrusher Vehicle so we decided to make a Fortnite Quadcrusher Guide.
The Quadcrusher Fortnite vehicle has place for two players and it can accrue speed by driving and then unleashing the speed by pressing a hotkey once your boost meter has filled up. Smashing players will pop them in the air and by utilizing the speed boost on a ramp you can make long air jumps to get behind your opponent easily.
To get the Fortnite Quadcrusher you must get to one of the proper Quadcrusher Spawn Locations but beware that others may be looking for one as well. Once you claim your Quadcrusher you will have no problems running from the Fog anymore as it is one of the fastest vehicles in Fortnite.

Fortnite Quadcrusher Vehicle Locations

  • Drive slow enough so your buddy can shoot the enemies without missing.
  • Bump into your enemies with the vehicle to launch them in the air and then shoot to kill them before they land.
  • Use guns that have high spread or area of effect such as bombs in order to have an easier time hitting your enemy.
  • Use the vehicle to quickly escape when you are low life.
  • Traverse the map quickly on the vehicle to be able to get the best weapons as fast as possible.
  • Destroy buildings by driving through them.
  • Scout the previously mentioned Quadcrusher Locations so that you get one for guaranteed advantage over your opponents.

If you enjoyed our Fortnite Quadcrusher Vehicle Guide, Spawn Locations, Tips and Tricks make sure to share it around and of course share any additional info in the comments below.

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