Halo Infinite Weapon Tier List

November 16, 2021
by GamerDiscovery
Halo Infinite Weapon Tier List Best And Worst Guns Guide

Halo Infinite just released and you can play the multiplayer for free, it features a plethora of maps and weapons that you can play with. While a majority of the weapons and guns will perform really well, some of them will always be better than others and shine on a certain game mode or map. We took all of this into account in order to rank all the Halo Infinite Guns into a Weapon Tier List. In this Halo Infinite Weapon Tier List we're going to rank weapons from best to worst, this way you'll know which weapons to pick as a powerful weapon will certainly give you an edge over an opponent and will consistently allow you to be one of the best players on your team.

Weapon Tier List Descriptors

S Tier - Overpowered. Halo Infinite weapons and guns which are incredible in the hands of both beginner and experienced players.

A Tier - Powerful. Halo Infinite weapons that perform really well and are great picks on a majority of maps.

B Tier - Balanced. Halo Infinite weapons which are balanced. These guns will be alright for a casual gaming where you enjoy playing the game and not focusing on getting the most kills and/or winning. Though, in good hands any of these will be more than enough to score a victory.

C Tier - Underpowered. Halo Infinite weapons which are hard to play with, don't do much damage and aren't really a great pick for anyone.

Weapon Tier List


MK50 Sidekick

The MK50 Sidekick is a pistol that offers incredible accuracy considering it's a sidearm. Along with that, it shoots & reloads very fast at basically no downside since it has close to no recoil. Overall a great weapon that can be used in close to medium range and allows you to easily kite opponents by jumping around while shooting.

Pulse Carbine

The Pulse Carbine is a burst-firing plasma gun that has homing projectiles which are effective at close to medium range. The weapon has a very active playstyle that allows you to try to dodge enemy bullets and if you fire it properly they won't be able to dodge yours. While the mediocre projectile speed may be considered a downside on regular guns, in this case it does allow you to shoot and quickly hide behind a wall while the projectiles home to the target which makes it an S tier gun.

VK78 Commando

The VK78 Commando is arguably the best weapon in the game due to the versatility it provides the player with. It has decent recoil and fast reload speed as well as good damage. While it is most effective at short to middle range, the long range scope allows you to dish out damage from far away as well. Overall, insane weapon for beginners as you don't really need to use the scope in order to eliminate enemies in close & middle range fights.



The Needler is a weapon that fires crystalline shards with tracking that allows them to impale and detonate on soft targets. It offers a unique playstyle that allows you to poke enemies very effectively because you can shoot and hide behind a corner while the crystalline shards home the enemy down. It's a great weapon for players that are bad at aiming because they can shoot and jump around to dodge enemy shots while the shards do damage.


The Heatwave is a semi-automatic light weapon that can shoot both horizontally and vertically and the amount of shots it fires resemble a shotgun playstyle. In total, it fires six projectiles that bounce off of walls and the H/V pattern can be changed at any moment by using the right mouse button.


The BR75 is a three-round burst rifle that's best utilized in middle range fights. It's one of the best middle range weapons that offers a very quick firing speed and projectiles that do a lot of damage. Hitting bursts of shots into enemies heads' will have them dying without being able to react to your shots at all.



The Skewer is a kinetic weapon that shoots a single high-damage spike which has a similar playstyle to sniper rifles (even though it's not technically one). It can eliminate enemies with just body shots but it comes at a cost of having insanely low ammo. As if the low ammo wasn't enough, the spikes are actually very hard to hit so this weapon performs bad on most maps unless they have tight areas packed with enemies.

Shock Rifle

The Shock Rifle is a semi-auto rifle that is used to mainly support teammates from a longer distance. It shoots projectiles that arc to nearby enemies on impact and while it deals decent damage, you'll need to hit several shots in order to eliminate a full health enemy.


The SM41 SPNKr is a shoulder-mounted rocket launcher that fires high damage rockets. The rockets deal relatively good area of effect damage so being extremely accurate with them is not a must, though you only get two rockets per reload so make them count! It features slow reloading speed and mediocre projectile speed so you leave yourself vulnerable to close range attacks. Another thing to mention is that you can damage yourself with the rockets one explodes close to you.

Gravity Hammer

The Gravity Hammer is a melee weapon that you're going to use instead of a gun. It's very fun to play with for those that like melee playstyles as it mostly one-shots enemies but you'll often find yourself dying to ranged attacks. Overall, a very situational weapon that will just not perform very well versus ranged enemies on big maps.


The Ravager is a burst firing plasma weapon that deals great splash damage that's excellent in the hands of beginners as it can eliminate most enemies with just two shots. If you're able to land a full burst to the enemy's head they'll be instantly dead but it may be hard to do so on enemies which are on medium to long range and actively trying to dodge your shots.

S7 Sniper

The S7 Sniper can one-shot enemies that get a bullet to the head, otherwise you'll need two body shots to take them down. The sniper works great in both the scoped and hip-fire modes which allows you to kill enemies from a distance whilst being able to defend yourself in close combat as well. The main downside of the S7 Sniper is that if you're holding RMB to go into scoped mode and get hit by an enemy, it will automatically disable the scoped mode.

CQS48 Bulldog

The CQS48 Bulldog is a close combat shotgun that features a seven-bullet magazine and a semi-automatic firing mode. Those that know map layouts really well in order position themselves in close range to the enemies will make most use out of this weapon.

MA40 Assault Rifle

The MA40 AR is the most generic, jack of all trades weapon in the game. It's a fully automatic gun that will perform well in a lot of situations but it does lack a bit in the damage department as its mostly effective in the close to medium range combat. Overall, a very balanced weapon that will be perfect for people that are just starting out in the game and trying to get better at Halo Infinite.


Plasma Pistol

The Plasma Pistol is a generic pistol weapon that's quite useless in most scenarios. The pistol has very low damage and a mediocre firing speed that will not be enough to burst out an opponent and by the time you get close to them you're most likely on low health. It has the ability to charge up a shot which removes enemy's shields, this can come in handy in fights where you're supporting your teammates but that's about it.

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