Harbor And Goods Management Guide For Anno 1800

April 19, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
Harbor And Goods Resource Management Guide Island Inventory For Anno 1800 Tips and Tricks

Managing the amount of Goods and Resources you've got in your little empire is an important aspect of the game because you'll often find yourself on maxed out storage on one resource, and on the minimum with the next one. This will force you to change your production and whatnot, which is not always the most optimal way to go around things. In this Harbor And Goods Management Guide For Anno 1800 we'll teach you how to manage your island inventory and sell excess resources in order to acquire money.

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Managing Island Inventory

So how do you manage your island inventory and how do you know when you're consuming too much of something before you run out? While checking your harbor or any warehouse will show your inventory for that entire island the most important category here is that you can filter by is consumer goods. That's the stuff that's going to be consumed by your population. If any of these items have a red arrow it means that it's decreasing over time. This means that you need to increase their supply or else you're going to run out of that resource. It's important to note that this shows both the basic needs and the luxury needs. If you run out of a basic need your population will actually shrink and if you run out of a luxury need their happiness will go down, so you can typically tell if this is happening when your income starts fluctuating. This is usually because you're running out of something and every time you make a new batch you temporarily make people happy again and the money goes up, then you run out and the money goes back down.

Harbor And Goods Resource Management Guide Island Inventory For Anno 1800 Tips and Tricks Island Inventory Stats

Selling and Buying Items

If you're experiencing a shortfall or an excess of goods you can also try to buy and sell the items by clicking the item and remember that you can set the limit of the amount that you're open to purchasing or selling. After you’ve done so, the NPC fleets will come by to trade and buy things but it's not easy to predict when they'll arrive or how much items they're going to actually buy. Merchant NPC Fleets don't fill the amount that you always want to sell, they might just buy a little bit of resource A and sell a little bit of resource B. Trade rights with the AI will also allow them to buy and sell things there and you can then visit their ports to buy and sell things from them. You can also lower the efficiency of the resource, which means you'll be producing less but in turn raising the happiness of the workers there. Anno 1800 has got quite a lot of micromanaging to do but this is instant. In the case you need something quickly or want to make people a little happier this feature can help. It can also help with regards to the NPC's. That's the ones that are on special Islands, they don't compete with you and they always have a certain desire for goods that you can fulfill.

Dealing with overproduction

Soap for instance is bought in infinite quantities for nearly two hundred dollars per good so you could set up a reliable trade route to that NPC to get an external regular source of income. They will also buy any resource or item at regular prices, so you can always sell excess stuff infinitely to them, so overproduction really isn't the worst thing if you're always selling it off. You'll also want to get extra storage since that's going to allow you a bigger safety net should you start running out of something. It gives you the time to figure out issues before you overproduce resources completely and it'll also allow you to send bigger shipments for trade goods.

We hope that you've found our Harbor And Goods Management Guide For Anno 1800 useful, if you have, don't forget to share it around and leave a comment if you have a question. These resource management tips and tricks should have you covered in case you see yourself in a state of overproduction.
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