How to disable The Division 2 Menu Narrator

So…you’ve just downloaded, installed and ran The Division 2. You’re hearing a weird annoying voice every time you hover over any menu items and settings in The Division 2 and can’t find a way to disable it before it drives you crazy? In this The Division 2 guide we’ll be teaching you how to easily disable or enable the menu narrator voice in the game’s settings.

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The whole process of disabling or enabling the menu narration voice is actually quite simple, all you have to do is run your game, open settings, navigate to the Accessibility sub-menu and find “Enable Menu Narration” and disable or enable it depending on what you want. If you’re one of those people that enjoy the menu narrator, you can also control its volume by changing the setting below the main one.Tom Clancy's The Division 2 Guide How To Disable Menu Narration Narrator Robot Voice Annoying Settings Sound On Hover Tutorial Turn Off SettingAlso a thing to note, if you’re wondering why you can barely hear the NPC dialogues during cut-scenes it’s because the Music is way too loud. While you’re in the settings I’d advise you to turn down the Music volume a bit under “Audio” sub-menu as well.Now that you’ve tweaked your settings and learned how to disable the narrator menu voice you’re all set to be the Agent that D.C. needs!