How To Find And Farm Fragments Quickly In Last Oasis

March 27, 2020
by GamerDiscovery
Last Oasis Fragments Guide How To Farm And Get Them Fast

Fragments are essentially unlock points for you skill tree technology. You'll need a lot of them during your Last Oasis gameplay and finding a way to get them quickly will save you a lot of time. Fragments can be found from walker wrecks, monsters, chests and various other things. In this Last Oasis guide you'll learn the various ways you can get Fragments and how to farm them fast.

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Wooden Structures can contain pots, barrels, skeletons and chests with various loot and fragments in them. You'll stumble upon these occasionally but some of the chests will require a walker with a harpoon to break them. Other, less valuable chests will just need to be broken down with a hatchet so that you can loot them.

Another way of getting Fragments is from wooden shipwrecks which contain an easy-to-break chest that contains some Fragments and other loot but since they're very common in starting areas they're almost always looted. Additionally, these shipwrecks also have a collectable bags next to the chest and one up top which you'll need to grapple to.

Rupu Camps and Rupu are the fastest and most consistent way of getting Fragments. Each monkey that you've killed will have a chance to contain fragments and bananas as loot, along with that you can also find rupu huts which have the jars and pots inside them. Breaking the jars and pots can also result in some quick fragments.

The best thing to do if you're a new player is to farm a lot of Rupus for Fragments during your time in the Cradle because if you stock up on Fragments here you won't have to worry about fighting much harder foes in the maps where everyone is going to PvP. Additionally, this will allow you to unlock most of the crucial unlocks and be ahead of other players.

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