How To Play Teamfight Tactics On All Android/iOS Devices Guide

July 7, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
How To Play Teamfight Tactics On Android iOS Mobile Phone And Tablet TFT Steam Link Tutorial Guide

With the latest Steam link and Moonlight game streaming services, playing PC-only games on your Phone or Tablet has never been easier. What these service do is that they effectively mirror your computer's game screen and allow you to play the desired game on your phone-- in this case Teamfight Tactics. There are several controls to choose from, you can plug a controller into your mobile phone or tablet and play the game via controller or simply use the touch screen. In this TFT Guide we'll show you a step-by-set process on how to play Teamfight Tactics on Android/iOS phones and tablets by linking them with your computer over Steam or Moonlight.

Playing Teamfight Tactics on the phone is a lot of fun and the controls aren't too bad, although it'll take you some time to get used to "Carousel Draft" rounds as there's sometimes input lag between your controls if you're on a carrier connection rather than Wi-Fi-- yeah you don't have to be at home to play TFT on your phone. Simply connect the desktop game to your phone and leave the PC on when you leave. You'll be able to access and play TFT on your mobile or tablet device as long as you have an active internet connection.

Setting up Teamfight Tactics Steam Link

The installation process and setting up Teamfight Tactics to work on a phone is rather simple, but first you have to decide whether you're going to use Steam Link or Moonlight (open source app). Personally, I use Steam Link because it's much easier and faster to install-- you're literally done in less than five minutes. Steam Link will allow you to play the game anywhere as long as you have an internet connection, whilst Moonlight will require you to stay in your house for it to work. Additionally, if you decide to go with Moonlight you'll need to have an Nvidia Graphics Card and GeForce Experience installed on your PC so that you can enable Nvidia shield streaming.

Steam Link has "harder" to use controls and an annoying logo that can sometimes screw you up during Carousel Drafts, whilst Moonlight has much smoother controls and nothing on the screen other than the game. The choice is all yours, if you decide to go with Moonlight they've got a very detailed guide on how to set their service up to stream a PC game to mobile or keep reading to see how it's done via Steam Link.

Adding League of Legends To Steam Library

As we mentioned previously, it's quite easy to set this up via Steam. First download and install Steam on your PC if you don't have it already. Make an account and log in. Next, navigate to the Steam Library and press the "Add a Game" button in the bottom left corner of the app.

How To Play Teamfight Tactics On Android iOS Mobile Phone And Tablet TFT Steam Link Tutorial Guide Library

A new menu will pop up, press "Add a Non-Steam Game" and wait for the new interface to load all your applications and games then find League of Legends, tick the box next to it and press "add selected programs". This will add the LeagueClient to your Steam library and you'll be able to find it there.

How To Play Teamfight Tactics On Android iOS Mobile Phone And Tablet TFT Steam Link Tutorial Guide Shortcut

Now press Play and let the League of Legends client load and then log in, if you're not sure whether Steam successfully launched LoL then check whether it says that you're playing League of Legends by going to the friends tab and checking under your profile.

Installing Steam Link

The next thing you've got to do is install Steam Link on your desired Mobile or Tablet device that you want to play Teamfight Tactics on. Head over to the Google Play/iOS App Store and search for Steam Link & install it. Once it's installed run the application and allow it to scan for computers that are running Steam.

How To Play Teamfight Tactics On Android iOS Mobile Phone And Tablet TFT Steam Link

Once the scan finds your computer, choose it and it'll say that you need to complete authentication. You'll receive a code on the Steam Link app running on your phone, simply input it on the Steam authentication box that will pop up and this will link your device to the computer.

Choose your controls and activate Steam Link, if it gives out an error then it has to update your computer audio drivers. Simply head over to your PC and you'll receive a message on Steam saying that it wants to update audio drivers, press install and wait a few seconds for it to finish.

Playing TFT On Your Phone And Tablet

When it's all done, you'll notice the Steam background behind TFT on your PC, Teamfight Tactics will successfully be mirrored to your mobile device and you can play the game on your phone or tablet now.

By simply holding down a finger on your touch screen you'll be able to move the mouse cursor on the PC and pressing on the touch screen will mirror a click. Since Teamfight Tactics doesn't require a keyboard to play or any other controls, it's the perfect game to play on your phone!

Hopefully you've found this guide useful and managed to install & play Teamfight Tactics on your phone or tablet Android/iOS device. If you have any additional questions about the installation process for Steam Link and connecting it to Teamfight Tactics, feel free to leave us a comment below and we'll respond promptly.
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